Specunomics by The Specunomist

Today the world has become more confused than ever. This is to such an extent that every walk of life is being challenged to the maximum. And, amongst this chaos the one thing that drives every person no matter what field they belong to is “How much am I making to live my life?” Hence, every financial decision becomes a gamble for people who are unrelated to the complexities of the financial world and this confusion even extends to the ones who are related to the markets. Financial wizards get trumped anytime on a single wrong decision they make in the financial markets in this dynamic age where from our own thinking to the things that we use every day to make our life simpler are ever evolving.

This is where the book “BE RICH WITH SPECUNOMICS” has become a guide to experts as well as persons from varied backgrounds. The author Kushal Thaker who rightly calls himself The Specunomist where the word itself has been coined by him is co-joining Speculator + Economist. He has laid down basic economical parameters to understand every major asset class in existence and how through these simple economic principles which we all know that immense monetary profits can be made. 

For non-financial person the book has become a lighthouse to show how money can be made trading and investing in simple assets like gold and the stock markets without needing much advice from consultants. And, for the experts of financial markets the book is a reference guide to thrive by helping them inter-link asset classes with each other so as to make money from one to the other in the sequential economic cycle that comes along.

A stark example of this is crude oil. Apart from being the most politicised commodity it can be analysed and forecasted through simple economics of demand/consumption and supply/production and eventual inventory parameters keeping all the geo-political noise aside. And, once money is made from the commodity itself, the forecast derived is used across the asset class into the stock markets where replacement of revenues can happen with this figure and the stock price can be predicted. So, in one cycle itself money is made from the commodity first and with a time lag from the stock too.

For experts the mention in the book is how eventually crude oil prices affect sugar prices and so on with the sugar stocks in the equity markets where once learnt properly, a person can keep thriving…

For the doctorates and established economists the author has put his economic thesis in the form of his own thought pillars.

 And, very subtly he has introduced the world of crypto that has to be understood and embraced.

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