SMARTer Job Hunting Guides Job Seekers To the Right Job in a Challenging Market

BOCA RATON, FL. To navigate a challenging job market more effectively, SMARTer Job Hunting releases the perfect guide to help job seekers land their ideal job.

Using a science-based methodology, the SMARTer Job Hunting book helps job seekers understand why they work, how to research hidden jobs, network in today’s marketplace, write smarter resumes, prepare for interviews, and negotiate a good package.

SMARTer Job Hunting’s goal is to provide job seekers with the knowledge they need, supported by a unique technology APP to manage all of the documents and materials they generate, and career coaching to provide guidance and support to land a job they’ll treasure.

Also, SMARTer Job Hunting works with HR Departments to provide Outplacement services to support those employees who are unexpectedly exiting.  This is good for the organization and good for the exiting employees.

“Whether a college grad, military veteran or a seasoned employee is forced into an unforeseen job search, today’s post-COVID employment landscape is not easy to navigate alone. This is where SMARTer can play a key role in unlocking all that modern job seekers need to search successfully,” said Tom Madden, TransMedia Group CEO. “The book’s apt tagline is “Guided so you never feel like a fish out of water,” said Madden who has fished for and hooked some great jobs like #2-ranked exec at NBC.

“An unanticipated job search can be daunting to both the individual and the businesses creating the layoffs,” said Stuart Rudolph, inventor, entrepreneur and co-author of SMARTer Job Hunting. Our program provides human-to-human guidance, combined with knowledge and confidence boosting that provide critical help to HR departments during employee outplacement.

“That’s why Janet Ahlgren, Dr. Chris Harz and I co-authored this book,” he added. 

The trio combines backgrounds in business, motivational psychology, program management, and global marketing. After researching the current job market from all sides and exploring dozens of existing books on job hunting, they ultimately created one that’s not only timely, but works.”

SMARTer Job Hunting’s easy to follow, step by step methodology, and one-on-one coaching relationships and state-of-the-art technology, offer the best route to a job seekers’ next employment.

For people trying to figure out their next steps in the job search, SMARTer Job Hunting is the place to start.

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