Shattering Glass Ceilings: Radhaa Publishing House’s Creative Renaissance Transcends Boundaries and Redefines the Art of Storytelling

Meet Radhaa Nilia, a holistic publishing pioneer at Radhaa Publishing House. She champions Author Incubators leading to Collaborative Books, facilitates Creative Coaching and Workshops, and offers Sovereign Author Packages, empowering solo authors to attain sovereignty in their publishing journey. Her unique approach helps writers tap into the voice of the Soul. Additionally, she extends PR support for authors and artists, adding a brilliant shine to their stories.

Can you tell us more about Radhaa Publishing House?
Radhaa Publishing House is a dynamic publishing platform dedicated to the art of writing and the empowerment of authors. We specialize in curating Collaborative Book Projects and creative Coaching Programs, offering Sovereign Author Packages designed to support writers in sharing their unique voices with the world. What truly sets us apart is the love and support we offer our authors in a way that is unheard of in the publishing world. Our mission is deeply rooted in nurturing dreams, empowering the voices of new writers, and providing comprehensive support and mentorship programs to guide authors through the intricate journey of publishing.  

Our current offering is the collaborative book project, “Poems from the Heart.

What achievements or aspects of Radhaa Publishing House make you particularly proud or excited?
We take immense pride in supporting numerous authors, many of whom have achieved the prestigious status of best-selling authors. What excites us the most is the ripple effect of empowerment and inspiration within the community. One author’s success is a beacon of hope for others, motivating them to pursue their creative dreams and share their unique stories. Peek into our curated selection of books spanning genres, from holistic healing to the mystical realms of the divine feminine and the awakening of Starseeds. Each book is a testament to our commitment to uplifting, inspiring, and transforming lives. Here are a few books from our catalog:

Energy Healing & Soul Medicine is an enchanting journey into holistic well-being and personal transformation. Within the pages of this book, you’ll explore healing, self-empowerment, and the myriad ways you can heal yourself and others. Our curated collection of holistic experts, coaches, and practitioners takes you deep into diverse healing modalities, each a unique facet of the radiant gem of holistic health. From energy healing to soul medicine, you’ll encounter a rich tapestry of insights and tools that profoundly transform body, mind, and spirit. This book is not just a collection of words. It’s a treasure trove of practical wisdom, an invitation to discover the extraordinary power within you, and a roadmap to holistic living with healers and coaches with their modalities to guide you. “Energy Healing & Soul Medicine” is the key to unlocking the potential for self-healing and self-discovery, allowing you to live a life of greater balance, harmony, and self-empowerment.

Infinite Cosmic Records: Sacred Doorways to Healing & Remembering by Maya the Shaman. Have you experienced a timeline where you can be transported to portals of doorways to revisit your past, present, or future lives? Like movies rewinding time and space continuum reality, seeing and meeting your guides, and receiving relevant messages for you? Or meet your star families and even be stunned to see yourself at the world’s edge viewing the cosmos in its majestic composure – even found God and bliss? It sounds like a fantasy fiction story, but in this book, the mystic seekers are real people with real stories who had seen their complex lives during their Infinite Cosmic Records. Are you ready to experience yours?
Your guide is Maya The Shaman. Born in Maharlika, the Philippines, from a lineage of Shamans and Healers of the ancient land of Mu or Lemuria. Living most of her life in America, Maya sees the ailing need of the West to be provided with a superior healing modality from the East. These innovative sacred healing methods are based on the icon Maya termed “HBR,” meaning ‘Heart’ centered healing that ‘Bridge’ the ancient past to the current healing needs through the art of ‘Remembering.’ Infinite Cosmic Records is a branch of the Lemurian Code Healing modality created by Maya. With the right intention, you, too, will be given what you’re looking for. A must to read the book!

Awakening Starseeds: Vol. 3, Dreaming into the Future: As old paradigm structures crumble and darkness looms, ‘Awakening Starseeds: Vol. 3, Dreaming into the Future’ heralds the dawn of a new era. With fear and despair gripping the world, a wave of awakening Souls and Starseeds emerges to spread the message of freedom, renewal, and the promise of a great Neo-Renaissance for humanity. Chapter by chapter, this book inspires readers to transcend their old belief systems, encouraging them to step into a future they’ve always dreamt of. It’s a call to embrace personal growth and transformation, unlocking the potential within.

The sequel to the Starseed saga, Awakening Starseeds: Vol. 2, Stories Beyond the Stargate, delves even deeper into the mystical and transformative experiences of nineteen Starseeds. In an era where the world undergoes unrecognizable changes, this book series reveals how the portals and Stargates of consciousness are opening, flooding in powerful light codes for the transformation of our planet. Journey alongside these Starseeds as they share their awakening stories, offering glimpses of the new Earth taking shape. This book is an enchanting blend of activations, storytelling, and healing, paving the way for an awakening that transcends the boundaries of ordinary reality. “Awakening Starseeds: Vol. 2, Stories Beyond the Stargate” is your key to unlocking the mysteries of the cosmos, and it’s a profound testament to the power of personal transformation.

Awakening Starseeds: Vol. 1, Shattering Illusions marks the inception of a groundbreaking series, offering readers a passport to a realm of cosmic awakening, personal transformation, and the embrace of divine truth. As our world transforms from darkness (Kali Yuga) to the age of truth and light (Satya Yuga), these pages become a beacon of hope. Starseeds from around the globe share their profound stories of awakening, serving as messengers from the stars, and delivering activations that ignite the inner spark of personal transformation. This book transcends the boundaries of mere reading. It’s an initiation into a new era of consciousness, an invitation to let go of the old and embrace the new. “Awakening Starseeds: Vol. 1, Shattering Illusions” is a radiant guide to discovering your true purpose, reclaiming your power, and stepping into a brighter, awakened reality.

Pillars of Light: Stories of Goddess Activations™: The Goddesses have been trampled out of temples, written out of text, and taken out of History. The world is imbalanced because of this, and the Goddesses are needed now more than ever. Join us as we unravel the tight grip of the patriarchy to resurrect the Goddesses back onto Earth and into the Golden Age. Discover seventeen Goddess Archetypes through women who experienced Goddess Activations™ as they unravel the feminine pain of old paradigms, transforming their journey into triumphant holders of Pillars of Light. Goddess Activations™ is a living light frequency, an original healing modality by Radhaa Nilia. The stories in this book are raw and real experiences and a reminder that there is nothing you can’t overcome with the Goddesses as your ally. A must-read book for anyone on their healing journey who desires to connect with the Goddess.

Dolphin Odyssey: A Journey into the Secret World of Ascension: Immerse yourself in the enchanting realm of dolphins and embark on a profound voyage of self-discovery and spiritual awakening in the Dolphin Odyssey. In this captivating memoir, Aros Crystos delves into his lifelong pursuit of unraveling the mysteries of life, death, and the self, weaving a narrative around the profound connection between humans and dolphins. Within the pages of this book, Aros Crystos intimately shares his experiences, transmissions, and the activations received from the dolphins. Their higher wisdom and profound messages catalyzed his awakening, unlocking the limitless depths of his being. Through these transmissions, readers are invited on a transformative journey of self-discovery, where they can delve into the intricate layers of their existence and rekindle the awe-inspiring possibilities within.

Stories of the Goddess: Divine Feminine Frequency Keepers: Enter the transformative realm of “Stories of the Goddess,” an anthology that celebrates the varied journeys of modern women from diverse backgrounds, guiding us to rekindle the age-old power of the Goddess within. In ancient history, witch hunts were conducted to eradicate the Divine Feminine Frequency. However, determined women unite through their voices, wombs, and wisdom. Embark on the real-life voyages of women who confronted challenges and overcame adversity, surpassing limitations and embracing their vulnerabilities and strengths. Be inspired to rewrite your story, break generational patterning, and fiercely reclaim your Divine Feminine Frequency. This book is a resounding call to trailblaze with self-empowerment and transformation.

UK Book Tour & Retreat Book Lovers

And not to forget, we recently completed an exciting UK book tour, where we brought our entire collection of books, and during the retreat, our books sold out. Some authors joined us for live book readings and signings across the UK. This tour was a fantastic opportunity to connect with readers and share the magic of our authors’ words.

What lessons has Radhaa Publishing House learned along the way?
This kind of work takes enormous patience, time, and energy to work with so many people on a project. A lot can come up for authors, and holding big space is something we do well. 

How did you manage curating collaborative books, even making them best sellers? 
Our approach at Radhaa Publishing House is grounded in a genuine commitment to hard work for projects we genuinely love and believe in. Not necessarily motivated from a commercial perspective, but from what we truly love to curate. From the beginning, we’ve prioritized working closely with our clients, ensuring a collaborative and supportive environment. By dedicating ourselves to the success of each project, we’ve seen remarkable achievements, making dreams a reality for many. It reflects the sincere dedication and collaborative spirit that defines our work at Radhaa Publishing House.

How does The Sovereign Author Package empower authors to maintain control of their creative work?
The Sovereign Author Package empowers authors to retain creative control while receiving comprehensive support. This revolutionary option covers everything from book design and editing to marketing tips. Your royalties come directly to you.
This support package starts with personalized coaching sessions where your creative control is paramount, as you retain full copyright ownership and keep all profits from sales. Your book becomes your Legacy, enabling broader readership, authority building, and promotional opportunities.
Our PR program enhances your reach with expertly crafted press releases and author interviews, amplifying your niche authority. The goal is to streamline the publishing journey and ensure you maintain absolute control in today’s evolving publishing landscape. The Sovereign Author Package makes publishing and market access easy, enabling your success, recognition, and creative freedom.

Q. Can you offer a few shares from your Authors? 
Here are a few sweet shares from our incredible authors:
“Working with Radhaa Publishing House on both ends is magical and super transformational. I recommend anyone wanting to take their writing to the next level to work with Radhaa Publishing. I see there is infinite growth and potential in these co-author endeavors.” – Alanna Starr
“I feel that I have been divinely led to being published by Radhaa Publishing House. As I write this, I remember a vision board I completed over ten years ago where I stated that I would write a book, and here I am, a published author. I never shared that with anyone. Goddess does work in mysterious ways and sends us earth angels to help uplift every one of us. We have to listen and accept. I recommend Radhaa Publishing House to anyone who has a journey to share. I couldn’t have found a more supportive heart-centered team to work with.” – Kory Muniz, Encino, CA.
“I highly recommend working with Radhaa Publishing House. They are an incredible team fully vested in publishing and leaving a legacy of stories about people with experience in a multi-dimensional world that many are now awakening to.” – Raziel, Chino Hills, CA.
“I am deeply grateful to Radha Publishing House; it has been an honor for me to be part of this wonderful project. I recognize firsthand the need on a collective level for creative sources that touch on these essential topics to connect with our spiritual identity and divine essence. Thank you for your transformative collaboration in this New Era.” – Yarimar, Florida.

What’s the next upcoming Author Opportunity? 
We are preparing to activate hearts globally with our upcoming project, “Poems From the Heart.” This collaborative venture is more than a mere collection of verses; it’s a powerful celebration of the Universal human experience. We invite poets from every corner of the world to join us in crafting a tapestry of emotions that transcends borders and resonates with the shared threads of our humanity.

In this poetic journey, we aim to bridge divides and dissolve differences, acknowledging that, regardless of our origins or current locations, we all share in the richness of the human experience. “Poems From the Heart” reveals the unspoken language that unites us—a language of love, heartbreak, joy, and the myriad emotions that make us human.
As we explore the poetic expressions of diverse voices, our collective goal is to bring a Universal understanding: that, at the core, we all yearn for love and connection. This project is not just about creating a book but crafting an anthem of Unity, a testament to the shared heartbeat that brings us together, fostering a global sense of togetherness that transcends geographical boundaries and cultural differences. Together, through the Poet’s voices, we’ll celebrate the beautiful symphony of the human experience.

Are there any spots left in the Author Incubator to Published Poet Program 2024 For Poets who want to join? 
Yes, we have just a few spots left in “Poems from the Heart.” his book is part of a Legacy and will feature heartfelt and inspiring poetry from a diverse group of poets. We invite you to join this global community of poets and contribute to our collaborative poetry book.

A flashback at our first-ever gathering with a few of the incredible authors of Radhaa Publishing House at our inaugural book signing event in Ventura, California – a meaningful celebration of literary talent and creativity that continues today. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this interview, and for your support. With Gratitude, Radhaa 

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