Self Publishers in India

Self-publishing in India has gained immense popularity, offering authors the freedom and control to publish their books independently. With many self-publishing platforms and services available, authors can now bring their literary creations to life, reach a wider audience, and fulfill their publishing dreams without the need for traditional publishing routes. In this article, we present a comprehensive list of self publishers in India, along with their respective websites, to assist authors in making informed choices for their publishing journey.

  1. Notion Press (
    Notion Press is a leading self-publishing platform that provides a wide range of services, including editing, cover design, formatting, and global distribution. With user-friendly tools and a professional support team, authors can easily navigate the publishing process.

  2. ( offers print-on-demand services, enabling authors to publish their books in multiple formats. Authors can customize their publishing experience based on their specific requirements with flexible publishing options and affordable packages.

  3. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) (
    KDP, by Amazon, has revolutionized self-publishing with its easy-to-use platform. Authors can publish and distribute their eBooks and paperbacks on Amazon’s Kindle Store, reaching a vast global audience.

  4. Educreation Publishing (
    Educreation Publishing offers comprehensive self-publishing services, including editorial assistance, cover design, and marketing support. With a strong focus on Indian authors, they provide a platform to showcase their works to a broader readership.

  5. Partridge Publishing India (
    Partridge Publishing India, a division of Penguin Random House, caters to authors seeking professional publishing services. They provide various packages, including editorial assistance, cover design, and marketing support, ensuring a holistic publishing experience.

  6. ( offers a self-publishing platform that assists authors at every stage of the publishing process. From editing to distribution, they provide comprehensive services to help authors achieve their publishing goals.

  7. White Falcon Publishing (
    White Falcon Publishing specializes in self-publishing and offers various services, including editing, design, and worldwide distribution. They provide authors with the tools and resources needed to publish their books effectively.

  8. Power Publishers (
    Power Publishers is a self-publishing platform that assists authors in all aspects of book publishing, from manuscript evaluation to cover design and distribution. They cater to authors across various genres and help them navigate the publishing landscape.

  9. Online Gatha (
    Online Gatha provides an online platform for authors to publish and distribute their books. With services like editing, design, and promotion, they support authors in bringing their works to the market.

  10. Blue Rose Publishers (
    Blue Rose Publishers offers self-publishing services with a focus on nurturing new and emerging authors. They provide editorial guidance, design support, and marketing assistance to help authors succeed.

The self-publishing landscape in India has expanded significantly, providing authors with more opportunities to share their stories with the world. The platforms listed above offer a range of services to support authors in their self-publishing journey. By exploring these self-publishing platforms and their websites, authors can find the right fit for their needs and embark on an exciting publishing adventure. Remember to conduct thorough research and consider your specific requirements before choosing a platform to ensure a successful publishing experience.