Ruskin Bond’s New Book: A Heartfelt Letter to Young Readers

In his latest book, Hold On to Your Dreams: A Letter to Young Friends, renowned author Ruskin Bond crafts a deeply personal and reflective letter to his young audience. The book, released by Penguin India, offers an intimate glimpse into Bond’s musings on life, mistakes, and the human condition, all wrapped in his signature wit and wisdom.

Bond opens with a candid admission: giving advice has never been his forte. “It’s no use asking me for advice. I seldom took any, and when I did, it was usually the wrong kind,” he writes. This sets the tone for the rest of the book, where Bond prefers to share his experiences and thoughts rather than dole out prescriptive guidance.

Bond reflects on the inevitability of making mistakes, something he believes is inherent to the human experience. “The human being was born to make mistakes. It was probably a mistake on the part of the Creator or on the part of evolution,” he quips. This philosophical musing is juxtaposed with a humorous anecdote about his cat, Mimi, highlighting the often-thin line between human and animal behavior.

Through Mimi, Bond explores the idea that humans are only marginally superior to animals. “She knows my weaknesses and that, as a human, I am supposed to have a conscience,” he notes. Mimi’s indifference and Bond’s gentle acceptance of her dominance in their shared space serve as a metaphor for his broader views on human nature and its follies.

Despite his generally optimistic nature, Bond does not shy away from moments of introspection and self-doubt. He candidly shares his occasional feelings of futility regarding his life’s work. “I get the feeling that everything I’ve done and written… are utterly useless, frivolous and doomed to obscurity,” he confesses. Yet, even in these moments, Bond’s resilience shines through as he continues to find meaning and purpose in his writing.

One of the book’s charming themes is Bond’s admiration for the simplicity of life’s small pleasures. He humorously wishes his stories were as good as the omelettes made by a local vendor. This humble comparison underscores Bond’s belief in simple, honest work’s value and the beauty of small, everyday successes.

Bond’s reflections often circle back to a core piece of wisdom he has carried since his school days: “Never despair. But if you do, then work on in despair.” This sentiment encapsulates Bond’s approach to life’s ups and downs, emphasizing persistence and resilience in the face of adversity.

With Hold On to Your Dreams, Ruskin Bond offers young readers a heartfelt and timeless message. Bond’s gentle humor, deep empathy, and philosophical insights make this book a treasure for readers of all ages, reminding us all to hold on to our dreams, no matter how humble or grand they may be.