Retail packages designed by you!

Despite the tough operating conditions both in the banking industry and the national economy levels throughout the past year, MEAB bank has managed to develop its retail department and gain new clients by taking into consideration precautionary measures against persisting political uncertainties and the financial market volatility.

The retail department continued to make progress and was able to develop its transformation plan whose aim is to implement an operational model based on automation of business operations. This model was conceived with the core objective of enhancing customer experience and operations efficiency. Its aim is to redefine the way the retail business line produces and delivers state of the art service to all branches that is aligned to the needs of the clients. 

As the main focus of all our ventures is to serve our clients better, the department started with developing the customer relationship management unit (CRM) that focused on data analytics and customer centricity by reaching out to diverse communities and customers. This approach allowed the team to evaluate what products would most suit their wants as it provides customers with more insight and control.

At MEAB bank, we believe that all our clients deserve the same professional and equal service and the retail team is closely following the requirements set by the Transparency initiative of the Central Bank of Lebanon and its related circulars. The retail department is committed to promote transparency throughout the working channels whether it is related to documentation, marketing materials or even complaint handling. 

The main focus of MEAB is to always provide its clients with the newest retail products that would make their everyday financial transaction easier and simpler. Our employees are trained and are ready to take note of all requests or complaints so that in turn we can present the finest service to the MEAB bank community.