Raghuram Rajan and Rohit Lamba’s ‘Breaking the Mould’

India stands at a crossroads, teetering between the surge of a burgeoning economy and the challenge of providing for its vast population. In this era of transformation, former Reserve Bank of India (RBI) governor Raghuram Rajan and distinguished economist Rohit Lamba join forces to explore the intricate contours of India’s economic future in their upcoming book, “Breaking the Mould: Reimagining India’s Economic Future,” set for release on December 7.

Raghuram Rajan, a well-known figure in the field of economics, has previously authored several acclaimed books on the Indian economy, including “Fault Lines: How Hidden Fractures Still Threaten the World Economy,” which won the Financial Times Business Book of the Year Award. His other works, such as “I Do What I Do: On Reform, Rhetoric, and Resolve” and “Saving Capitalism From The Capitalists” (with Luigi Zingales), have shed light on critical aspects of India’s economic landscape.

His collaboration with Rohit Lamba, an assistant professor of economics at Pennsylvania State University, promises fresh insights and perspectives on India’s economic journey. Lamba, who frequently contributes to leading academic journals and newspapers, offers an academic rigor that complements Rajan’s wealth of experience.

Image Credit: Instagram @penguinindia

The central theme of “Breaking the Mould” revolves around the fundamental questions that have been haunting the Indian economic narrative. Where is India headed today? Is it truly surging ahead, having recently surpassed the United Kingdom to become the world’s fifth-largest economy? Or is it grappling with the enormous challenge of providing employment to the millions who are entering the labor force? These questions have been at the heart of India’s socio-economic discourse, and Rajan and Lamba aim to unravel them.

The authors delve into the intricate dynamics of India’s economic future, grappling with the juxtaposition of progress and challenges. The book takes readers on a journey to explore India’s tryst with modernity, a journey that has been both remarkable and challenging.

As Rohit Lamba succinctly puts it, “India’s remarkable tryst with modernity is at a crucial juncture today. A proud and profound ancient civilization that has jostled broadly successfully with the foundational questions of nationhood must now break the mould of old bromides to answer the emergent question of our times: how to bring prosperity to the hundreds of millions of our fellow citizens who are painfully just about getting by.”

“Breaking the Mould: Reimagining India’s Economic Future” promises to be an essential addition to the discourse on India’s economic landscape. With Rajan’s expertise and Lamba’s academic rigor, the book is expected to provide a comprehensive and insightful perspective on the future of India’s economy. As the release date approaches, readers and economists alike are eagerly awaiting the unveiling of the vision that Rajan and Lamba have for India’s economic destiny.