Radhaa Publishing House Presents Poet Lisa Littleton: ‘Poems From The Heart’

Welcome to World Authors, where we interview rising literary stars. Today, we proudly present an enchanting exploration into the depths of poetic expression: “Poems From The Heart” by Author Poet Lisa Littleton.

Radhaa Publishing House proudly presents an enchanting exploration into the depths of poetic expression—”Poems From The Heart,” featuring the evocative verses of poet Lisa Littleton. Step into a world where emotions dance off the page, crafting a tapestry of the soul.

Discover the stirring voices of poets from around the globe within these sacred and multi-faceted pages. Each poet offers a unique perspective on love, loss, joy, heroism, and resilience, stirring the heart and igniting readers’ imaginations.

Join us in celebrating the power of poetry and the enduring legacy of “Poems From the Heart.” Don’t miss your chance to experience the magic of “Poems From The Heart.” Grab your copy today and let the beauty of poetry touch your soul.

Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with Lisa Littleton as she shares the inspirations and insights behind her poignant verses. Tune in as we get to know the Poet of “Poems From The Heart.”  You can grab a copy HERE: amzn.to/4bwLmJ4.

Please share a bit about yourself and your love of poetry. 
I have always used writing to make sense of this crazy, epic life and my experiences. I have dozens of journals that I have kept since I was a child, with poems scattered throughout. When I am experiencing emotional highs or lows, my inner voice naturally speaks in poems, and I try to write it down to capture it as often as possible. True Reality is nearly impossible to express in language, but poetry paints the true picture the best. I am here to express my emotional process, wisdom, and how I perceive the world through my written word; poetry is a raw and beautiful way.

What inspired you to participate in “Poems From The Heart” and share your poetry? How do you believe this collective effort will impact readers and fellow poets? 
I am inspired by Radhaa’s vision of gathering voices together in collaboration and synergy. I believe we all come together as puzzle pieces. The Divine works through us all to move Inspiration into Form. When we all speak from our hearts and come together, the overall message of Universal Love is that much more impactful and has a powerful effect on the collective. “Poems From The Heart” perfectly embodies Oneness, and participating is a true honor. 

Q. When you reflect on your personal growth as a poet, what aspects of your journey are most inspiring and transformative? 
I didn’t have the guts to share my poetry with the world until I had a miscarriage in 2022. The pregnancy loss brought a Dark Night of the Soul, shattered the reality I had constructed around myself, and shattered my false sense of Self… it was an illumination and initiation for me. In the darkest moment of my life, I could finally see clearly. I could now see all the ways I had been holding myself back in life, playing small, playing scared, not sharing my true voice with the world, and all of these things I wanted to accomplish before becoming a Mother but didn’t were staring me in the face. Before becoming a Mother, I always thought I would be a published author. I had been withholding so much creativity. I had to sit in this uncomfortable, raw, vulnerable, shattered place and feel it all. I got through it through poetry. I wrote for days on end. Then, I started writing a book. I alchemized my pain into art and creation. And I began sharing my true voice because I decided right then and there I was done holding back. My fears of being seen, heard, known, and judged were finally shattered with the pregnancy loss. And I ended up pregnant two months later! During my next pregnancy, I finished my book and published it a few weeks before giving birth. This book included a poem that I wrote the first day of the miscarriage. It took me losing everything, my tight grip on my life, and finally surrendering to become my true self and share my voice with the world.

A Conversation with Poets, Lisa Little and Cristal Ortiz 

Reflecting on your experience with Radhaa Publishing House and its dedication, how has this collaboration influenced your artistic journey? 
Radhaa Publishing House inspires me to collaborate and team up more. Bringing voices together is powerful; synergy is powerful. People are drawn together when they are vibrating at the same frequency, and it’s important to recognize and amplify that power. We make each other stronger. I host online transformational journeys, and my experience with Radhaa Publishing House inspired me to bring more voices in to help lead besides my own. I invited two other women to join in my latest online journey and share their gifts and insight and it was an awesome collaboration!

What do you feel sets your poetry apart and makes it uniquely yours? 
My poetry tells a story, and I like to have an element that ties all the poems together. In the three poems I submitted for “Poems From The Heart,” I tie the story together with the line “waking dream come true” present in each poem. 

Besides prolific poetry, what other activities or interests do you love to pursue in your life? 
I am a Mother, Wife, Spiritual Teacher, Holistic Health Practitioner, Healer, Writer and Speaker. I love helping others understand this crazy moment in time through the perspective of our Spiritual Evolutionary Story and helping others understand their role in it through the lens of Human Design, Western Astrology, the I Ching, Gene Keys, & Numerology. I love cooking and helping others get healthy, eat clean, cleanse & detox. I love communing with Mother Nature, time in the forest, beach, climbing mountains, and spiritual travel. I love dancing, transformative music festivals and shows, live music, playing harmonica, and singing with my Husband, Nathan, and our Baby, Aeris. 

Will you be doing a book signing event, and how do you envision sharing your work and engaging with your audience live?
I am excited to share “Poems From The Heart” at our local bookshop in Vancouver, BC, and my favorite artistic coffee shop in Westchester, NY. I hope to network and meet other poets at these live events, which will help snowball my in-person experiences. 

How will you connect with your audience through live readings and events after releasing “Poems From The Heart”? 
We have a beautiful community here in Vancouver, BC, and I am excited to bring people together through poetry, art, music, energy healing, and spirituality. My friends and I host pop-up markets, in-person spiritual events and workshops, and live shows where I can share “Poems From The Heart” and connect with others. 

What excites you most about the upcoming release, and how do you plan to share this excitement with your network and community? 
I have a strong community on TikTok, my top place for sharing and connecting with others about this beautiful book. TikTok brings people together from all over the world and is an amazing place to share art. It’s powerful when a project is complete and can be released into the world, and I will do my part to keep the sharing momentum going! I’m excited to see how this book will reach people worldwide.

How was your experience with Radhaa Publishing House and the Author Incubator program supportive? 
Radhaa herself is a beautiful soul and inspiring businesswoman. I love that she is flexible and adaptable, has a strong direction, and sets clear goals. She brings out the best in everyone and encourages everyone to share their story and authentic voice. She is always available, supportive, real and open. It has been a wonderful experience that I am so grateful for. The other poets have been a true inspiration and have greatly impacted me and my journey. 

Can you share a positive experience from the creative journey of co-creating “Poems From the Heart” that deeply moved or inspired you? 
This came at the perfect time in my life, the most transformative time- becoming a Mother and my first year of marriage. I know this came into my life now because I was meant to be a part of it, share my poetry with the world, and collaborate with beautiful, talented souls. It was an important step in sharing my voice and activating my throat chakra- the home of metamorphosis, alchemy, transformation, and expression. And connecting with the other poets and authors was a wonderful and inspiring experience for me! I had the honor of connecting 1:1 with several writers and getting to know them, their work, their inspiration, and their soul mission. It was a beautiful experience that I will forever cherish. 

Would you like to share a poem with us, and what does it mean to you? 
I submitted three poems, and they tell a story from miscarriage to getting pregnant again soon after, to the tender early days of motherhood, to early days of parenthood, and how my Husband and I have transformed. The third poem is called “Renewal” because it was my vow renewal I wrote for my Husband on our first wedding Anniversary this Spring. I felt called to share it in the book because it was raw and open from my heart. My husband and I have transformed a million times over in such a short amount of time, and it was important for me to take a moment to acknowledge it all in poem and to read it to him on the New Moon a few days after our Anniversary, crystalizing the vows in this new phase in our relationship. We are in a new cycle of our lives; we’re always evolving, and we have overcome many challenges. Because we are new people now as parents, we are in a new book of life; it requires new vows. I am happy to share our love and journey with those that read this poem.

Thank you for sharing your journey with us; how can readers engage with you further? *You can leave a bio here with all of your links.
Lisa Littleton Samson is a Mother, Wife, Spiritual Teacher, Holistic Health Practitioner, Healer, Writer, Speaker, and Alchemist. She teaches our Spiritual Evolutionary Unfolding. She helps others understand their role in Humanity’s Awakening, helps others step into their power, and unleashes their true essence onto the world. She teaches Human Design, the Gene Keys, and I Ching. She is a ley line and vortex hunter and travels worldwide to experience the sacred power of these highly charged, spiritual places and Earth’s Chakras. In September 2023, she published a book called “Vitalize: the Chakras of the Earth & You,” where she weaves together the teachings of the Hindu Chakra system, Universal Energy Patterns, the I Ching, Gene Keys, Ayurveda, Herbalism, Human Design, Western Astrology, Archetypes, and more, while bringing the reader around the world to Earth’s Chakras and sharing insight into this potent moment in time during this great planetary & collective consciousness awakening. 

Lisa is available for 1:1 Guidance, offers online courses, hosts monthly New Moon online gatherings, and facilitates online transformative group journeys. Connect with Lisa at linktr.ee/lisalittleton.

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