Radhaa Publishing House Presents Poet Alanna Starr Shimel in ‘Poems From The Heart’

Radhaa Publishing House is thrilled to introduce “Poems From The Heart,” a mesmerizing journey into poetic expression by the talented Alanna Starr Shimel. Immerse yourself in a world where emotions flow freely, painting a vivid soul tapestry. This anthology, brought to life by Radhaa Publishing House, celebrates the power and beauty of poetry.

Within these sacred pages, you’ll encounter the evocative voices of poets from around the globe. Each poet offers a unique perspective on love, loss, joy, and resilience, weaving together a rich and diverse emotional landscape that will stir your heart and ignite your imagination.

Join us in honoring the transformative power of poetry and the lasting legacy of “Poems From The Heart.” This anthology is more than a collection of poems; it’s a testament to the human spirit and the beauty of shared expression. Celebrate the Magic of Poetry!

Tune in for an exclusive interview with Alanna Starr Shimel, where she shares the inspirations and insights behind her poignant verses. Get to know the poet behind “Poems From The Heart” and embrace the magic! Grab Your Copy Here! 

Please share a bit about yourself and your love of poetry.
I am an ardent seeker of wisdom and the divine, and I’ve observed that embracing my true essence births profound beauty. Poetry flows effortlessly from within me, a natural extension of my imagination. In my youth, I surreptitiously glimpsed into my elder sister’s notebooks, where her exquisite prose ignited a spark within me, fueling my passion for writing and self-expression. Furthermore, my journey in healing work has empowered me to share my authentic voice with the world.

What inspired you to participate in “Poems From The Heart” and share your poetry? 
I’ve been cultivating my poetry collection for years, a labor of love that has yet to see the light of day. Despite my aspirations to publish, self-doubt and a perceived lack of quantity held me back—until now. When this opportunity presented itself, I saw it as a beacon guiding me toward realizing my dream. It’s a chance to unveil poetry born straight from the depths of my soul, a step forward on the path to sharing my art with the world.

Poems From The Heart Poet Interview With Alanna Starr Shimel

How do you approach the process of self-discovery and reflection through your poetry, and how has it evolved?
I surrender to the natural flow of words, letting them pour forth without inhibition or alteration. This approach has evolved; once plagued by embarrassment over my written creations, I now embrace them with pride. My writing journey is marked by a newfound confidence and authenticity, allowing my words to bloom freely and unapologetically.

Your creative process is undoubtedly unique and deeply personal. Could you provide insight into the inspiration that fuel your poetic vision?
I’ve observed a recurring theme in my poetry—depth and spirituality emanating from my core. Rooted in my profound connection to divinity and fueled by my passion for wisdom, my verses often delve into the sacred realm. Specifically, the poems shared for ‘Poems From The Heart’ pay homage to the Divine Feminine, the Holy Goddess Mother, who plays an integral role in my journey of awakening and self-discovery.

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Reflecting on your experience, how has this collaboration with Radhaa Publishing House influenced your artistic journey, and what aspects of their support stood out?
Radhaa Publishing has been a pillar of support and inspiration for many years. I always tell Radhaa she is one of my biggest supporters in sharing my written work. She tells me often that I have a way with words and to keep writing and sharing…. It is super helpful to know I have her expertise on my side. An aspect of support that has stood out for me a lot is the Zoom writing sessions and meditative experiences offered leading up to the release of the book has been very useful.

How does “Poems From The Heart” transcend traditional poetry collections to offer readers a unique experience? What significance does the collaboration with poets worldwide hold in today’s context?
After reviewing some of the other poets’ pieces alongside mine, it’s clear we are all channeling higher frequencies truly connected to the Great Mother and the Divine Feminine. The book is almost an odé to Her in many ways. Our pieces sort of weave together as if they were all one long poem. The fact that we are all tapping into this energy is fascinating and special.

Your participation in this collaborative project underscores the power of unity and shared creativity. How do you believe this collective effort will impact readers and fellow poets?
The resonance of my poetry extends beyond the written word, leaving a soulful impact on readers and fellow poets alike. It serves as a poignant reminder of the transformative power of community. The publisher’s unwavering commitment to fostering connection and collaboration has been instrumental within our unique group. Through regular Zoom sessions and lively exchanges within our Facebook group, we’ve forged a supportive and inspiring collective that amplifies each other’s voices and creative energies.

How was your experience with Radhaa Publishing House and the Author Incubator program supportive? How has this partnership elevated your poetic journey and contributed to your growth as a poet?
I feel 100% more confident in sharing poetry fearlessly from my heart. I am inspired to continue writing and eventually publishing a personal poetry book. The program also gave me the space to get creative and hear what the process has been like for all the other authors.

What do you hope readers will most cherish and remember about your contributions to “Poems From The Heart”?
I hope they remember their divinity and how real the awakening that’s taking place all over the world is. I want readers to cherish Wisdom and feel inspired to channel their heartfelt poetry.

Can you share a significant moment or experience that solidified your passion for poetry?
His love for me deepened even further when my beloved listened as I read my poems aloud. His admiring words echoed those of Radhaa, affirming my gift with language… as they both say, “you have a way with words.” Knowing that someone you hold dear appreciates your written expressions is a profound joy. Likewise, when I read my work, I’m reminded of the magic inherent in poetry, filling me with a reverence for this art form.

Your journey as a poet is filled with remarkable experiences and revelations. Could you share a moment that deeply moved or inspired you, solidifying your unwavering dedication to poetry?
During my college years, I enrolled in an advanced English course that profoundly illuminated the art of writing. As our final assignment, we were tasked with curating a collection of 25 written pieces—from poetry to fiction and nonfiction stories. Delving into my archives, I was astonished by the sheer volume of material I had already crafted purely for my pleasure, devoid of grades or academic constraints. This realization was deeply inspiring, instilling a profound sense of accomplishment within me. Since then, I’ve continued to indulge in writing for the sheer joy of it, and revisiting my works later always evokes a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

Looking back at your journey with “Poems From the Heart,” what lessons have you learned about the power of poetry and collaboration in storytelling and self-expression?
Through my writing journey, I’ve discovered that poetry doesn’t always need to rhyme or conform to conventional standards—it’s about personal expression and resonance. To truly resonate with others, authenticity, and emotional maturity are paramount. I’ve realized that I don’t need to force creativity; it flows effortlessly when I allow myself to relax and be in the moment. This collaborative endeavor has taught me the value of seeking assistance, welcoming insights, and embracing constructive criticism with an open mind, fostering growth and refinement in my craft.

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Will you be doing a book signing event, and how do you envision sharing your work and engaging with your audience live?
Absolutely! I plan to engage in all kinds of book signings and events. I’ve had so much fun already in the past doing book signings with Radhaa Publishing- it can only get better from here. It feels good to put myself out there like, “girl you’ve earned this!” I also really enjoy doing interviews and sharing all about this experience.

How will you connect with your audience through live readings and events after releasing “Poems From The Heart”?
I plan to connect to local bookstores and offer live readings wherever possible. Radhaa Publishing has opened doors for booking signings in Barnes and Noble in the past, so I look forward to doing more of these, along with smaller bookstores that can support our exciting collections.

What are your aspirations and goals as a poet, and how do you envision your poetic voice continuing to evolve and grow?
As mentioned, I foresee myself publishing my poetry book with much more written material. I also have other written projects I’m excited to get out there, so you’ll surely see more of me.

Q. With the release of “Poems From the Heart,” what are you most excited about, and how do you plan to promote the book within your network and community?
I’m overflowing with anticipation as I prepare to unleash the Divine Feminine energy encapsulated within my poetry upon the world, eager to inspire and uplift others. The prospect of sharing these poetic expressions across my social media platforms and with familiar faces and newfound connections fills me with immense joy. I’m enthusiastic about spreading the enchanting allure of poetry, inviting others to revel in its beauty and find solace within its verses.

What excites you most about the upcoming release, and how do you plan to share this excitement with your network and community? 
I want to create content that uplifts and inspires other writers to come out of their shells and share their work, too! I’m hyped up about spreading what we’ve all created together. 

Can you share a positive experience from the creative journey of co-creating “Poems From the Heart” that deeply moved or inspired you?
I really loved it when the group of us poets came together for Zoom sessions and shared our poetry out loud for each other to critique and help where we felt stuck. Everyone’s input was extremely helpful and encouraging. More importantly, helping hold space for other authors to share their process was really healing. 

Your poetry has the power to touch hearts and inspire minds. What do you hope readers will most treasure about your work in “Poems From The Heart”?
I hope they read my poetry and that it heals their hearts. These poems are about finding oneself and healing through all the chaos. 
Here is a sample of one of the poems for the book:
“The Scars Of Mama” 
Mama’s scars are etched in my DNA, 
Lessons of ancestors deep. 
Did I choose this life, or was I sent for a mission? The pain, the purpose, the questions unanswered. 
Healing, the wheel of life spins, endless. From darkness, wisdom blooms, guiding us home to our Divine Self. 
Transmuting ancient wounds, we journey back to love, forgiveness, and reconciliation. We are everything and nothing, mind, body, spirit intertwined. 
Exploring within, discovering our truth, our purpose. We are the dreams of our Mother’s inner child, destined to play life’s game. 
Holy Mother Divine, within and without, guide us in service and celebration of life. Open the Gates of Heaven, for Earth is no longer a prison. 
We are sovereign, saviors of the realm. Mother’s wounds now healed, peace prevails as intended. 
Light codes awaken within, no turning back. Let Heaven manifest, laying Mother’s scars to rest.

Thank you for sharing your journey with us; how can readers engage with you further? 
Yes, please find me on my social media handles. @enlightenista @earthdna @starrlanna

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Alanna Starr Shimel embodies a multifaceted identity as a nurturing Mother, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Author, Spiritual Coach, Ceremonialist, Sacred Song Carrier, and dedicated Sophia Wisdom Keeper. With a passionate commitment to empowering individuals, she seamlessly integrates diverse healing modalities, meditation practices, music, and profound, timeless Wisdom into her transformative work. As a visionary creator, Alanna is the mastermind behind the EarthDNA Collection. In this captivating endeavor, she preserves the essence of flowers and plant life to craft exquisite wreaths, ornaments, and more. Through her holistic approach and profound connection to the sacred, Alanna illuminates paths of healing, inspiration, and spiritual growth for all who seek her guidance. www.AlannaStarr.com

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