Radhaa Publishing House Author Eva Vennari on her UK Book Tour for ‘Energy Healing & Soul Medicine’

The Radhaa Publishing House UK Book Tour has concluded, and now, we are thrilled to connect with celebrated author Eva Vennari to hear about her experiences and reflections on this transformative journey. This tour, which unfolded in the mystical land of Avalon Glastonbury, provided a unique opportunity for Eva to engage with readers and delve into the profound themes of ‘Energy Healing & Soul Medicine.’ Her remarkable insights, coupled with her role as a mineral alchemist, have resonated deeply with readers worldwide.

Eva Vennari, a Best-Selling Author in the book ‘Energy Healing & Soul Medicine,’ stands among the esteemed authors in this collection, sharing her prolific wisdom and knowledge. If you’re searching for a guide, teacher, or mentor in your journey of self-transformation, this book presents a kaleidoscope of experiences waiting for you to discover.

Eva Vennari’s mission to dismantle the status quo of the sickness industry has been furthered by her journey and the interactions with readers during the UK & Avalon Book Tour. Her transformative work with The Elevate Institute empowers individuals to connect clearly with Source and understand their soul’s contract, contributing their unique gifts to the world.

Can you share your thoughts and feelings about kicking off the UK & Avalon Book Tour in mystical Avalon Glastonbury?
It is the perfect place for so many reasons. Avalon is known for its Arthurian Lore, and as a place of magick. It’s where the story of the Druid and Merlin takes place, and among many in this community, Avalon is the Heart Chakra of the world. We tap into that magic, lore, and community by kicking off the tour there.

Your chapter in ‘Energy Healing & Soul Medicine’ has provided profound insights and inspiration. Could you highlight key takeaways and how they connect with your broader work as a holistic healer and mineral alchemist?
I take insight from some of those who attended the Avalon book signing and refer to their feedback. Many commented on really taking to heart and cognizing that our healing abilities come from within, and that we, humans, are the magick we’re seeking.

The Glastonbury Goddess Temple event allowed readers to meet you in person. Can you describe your interactions with the audience during the book reading and signing event?
As a healer, I’ve been speaking on the digital stage for years, and when the work is out on the internet in so many places, I never know who’s heard my messages, or that I take part in their healing journey. It’s a bit lonely in that respect. However, I felt a profound sense of recognition from the attendees. They came to the event already knowing me and my work, and wanted to meet me in person. That’s a change for me to have direct interaction and communion with audience members that I’d like to continue.

The UK Book Tour went beyond book signings, offering an invitation to unlock dormant magic within. Can you share a specific moment or experience that encapsulated this magical journey for you?
In my work, I talk about the Dispensation of Harmony, which is the healing of the divine feminine and masculine within each of us. For this event to come off without a hitch and in flow, required harnessing those energies. I remember saying, even as our booked room was “unavailable,” “Everything will turn out fine. We will be taken care of.” It was, and we were.

Your book, “Energy Healing & Soul Medicine,” promotes holistic modalities. How does this book fit into the broader narrative of your work as a holistic healer and mineral alchemist?
The journey of becoming a holistic healer started with my own messy health. Seeking advice from doctors and practitioners who weren’t holistic delayed my healing. It took 16 years to find the answer that finally unlocked all my reversals to chronic illness. Connecting in with the alternative world outside of pharma medicine was the first step. As I progressed through my physical healing work, I discovered my spiritual gifts went from being elusive to being very clear, like tuning into a radio station perfectly. That spiritual practice began to grow and take up a larger percentage of my personal life, and I found it necessary to incorporate it into my practice. Once I did that, I found a broader audience who hadn’t made the connections I made on my journey, and it opened the doors for more to allow for their healing. It was a true expansion of purpose.

Can you share insights on the benefits of working with Radhaa Publishing House?
During my collaborative work with Radhaa Publishing House, I’ve been to several signings with other fellow authors, and we all share a similar story. Many of us “downloaded” our chapters. It felt divinely guided, and upon reading their stories as part of an anthology, it amazes me how the stories interlock and back one another up beautifully book by book. This is part of the inherent magick of working with a spiritually guided book publishing company, such as Radhaa Publishing House.

Your mission is to dismantle the status quo of the sickness industry along every facet of the spectrum to unlock an authentic healing journey. How have the UK & Avalon Book Tour and interactions with readers influenced or furthered this mission?
The UK & Avalon Book Tour interactions with readers furthered my mission by participating in the common thread that brought us together. They heard the call of the mission and decided they, too, must participate and in person. This is a viable, grounded validation of the work. However, I don’t do the work for validation. For me, it means the work is timely, wanted, and appreciated. That does matter.

Can you tell us more about The Elevate Institute and how it helps individuals and understand their soul’s contract?
Among many of the services provided by The Elevate Institute, one in particular connects you with your soul’s contract. I call this service Divinity Code Activation. It’s a special activation and metaphysical reading using ancient magick that’s brought into an individual’s physical body. It’s a wonderful way to enhance the heavy work of realigning a body at the cellular level with the mineral alchemy. The mineral alchemy work allows for a person to sit in their body fully, experience clear thinking, feel energized, and perform at their ideal. With those supports in place, both physical and metaphysical healings work better, last longer, and provide a greater sense of empowerment. Everything works synergistically. 

What upcoming projects or events do you have for readers and fans eager to continue their journey of healing and self-discovery with you?
In an ongoing commitment to further The Elevate Institute’s mission of dismantling the entrenched norms of the sickness industry and guiding individuals on authentic healing journeys, I’m excited to introduce Essential Love, a new program designed to help people liberate themselves from the toxic grip of societal norms and regain their sovereignty. 
You can access comprehensive details about this program, explore a wide array of services I offer, delve into my extensive media appearances with full interviews, access insightful articles on various subjects, and even explore our shop where you can order conscious evolution pendulums, supplements, and books, such as “Energy Healing and Soul Medicine,” by visiting my website at www.theelevateinstitute.com.

Are you available for speaking events or workshops where people can engage with you directly and benefit from your insights and expertise in holistic healing and mineral alchemy?
I am available for hire to speak at events on what it means to truly heal holistically, or lead Essential Love Experiences. Use the this calendar to chat about how to make your next event more unique and mindful with The Elevate Institute: bit.ly/ConnectWithEva.

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