Out Of The Box, A New World

Lucia Matuonto has done it again! The children’s book author has just published her latest children’s chapter book entitled Out of the Box. While Matuonto’s successful Zoe the Crab book series focused more on inclusion and diversity, Out of the Box is exploring another important topic: our environment.

Out of the Box tells the story of Noah, a young boy who lives in Gray Town. Gray Town is the most polluted place; however, this is all Noah has ever known. One day, Noah accidentally stumbles upon Green City: the total opposite of Gray Town. Green City is a place where clean energy, clean air and the environment is prioritized and not forgotten. Noah sees with his own eyes how the quality of life in Green City is drastically better than in Gray Town. How could he improve something he had no idea needed improvement? Thanks to this discovery, Out of the Box shows us how Noah tries to help Gray Town, a place so hesitant to change.

Climate change is a tough topic to get young readers passionate about, let alone interested in. Matuonto’s talented ability to write for children allows young readers to absorb the information better and to give readers the space to think for themselves. The book includes really fun, colorful illustrations done by Hani V. On top of that, Noah’s relatability is sure to attract all young readers. Not only does Matuonto do a great job of relaying the importance of why we need to care for our environment, she created a character that is a great role model for children. Noah is a great motivator for young children, and he personifies Matuonto’s faith in our future generations. The book Out of the Box is a fantastic and hopeful introduction about climate change, and is exactly what young readers need, whether it be in or out of the classroom.