Mystery of Missing Socks Solved in Delightful Tale About Mischievous Little Monster

When the “sock monster” strikes again, tight-knit sisters Sydney and Kennedy take on the task of solving the mystery in the delightful new children’s book, Sassy Sisters vs The Sock Monster.

The fun begins when younger sister Sydney overhears their parents talking about missing socks. Bold and fearless, Sydney hatches a plan to catch the mysterious sock monster and convinces her big sister to come along for the ride.

The girls eventually discover that this particular monster means no harm — she just happens to like some of their things and wants to keep them! That’s when the perfect pair of sassy sisters have to step in and set the record straight to save their family’s socks.

Author Jacquese Groves used her own daughters’ personalities and childhood experiences to inform her relatable, engaging young characters. The perfect bedtime story for parents who read to young children, or for solo readers ages 4-8, Sassy Sisters is a beautifully illustrated, entertaining tale that, on the surface, is about a mischievous little monster with a penchant for socks. But at its core, Sassy Sisters is an uplifting, empowering story representing the amazing things that young minds can accomplish when they work together to solve problems.

About the Author

Jacquese Groves is a Nashville native, wife, mom of two, Realtor and lifelong lover of books. Sassy Sisters vs The Sock Monster was born out of her desire to bring increased diversity to the children’s book landscape by writing stories that feature children of color. The book was published by ChocolateBlue, LLC, the publishing company that she founded in tandem with the debut of her book in October 2020. Passionate about childhood literacy, Groves sits on the board of a local childhood literacy nonprofit organization, Book’em, and, as part of her commitment to that organization, volunteers as a classroom reader at a local elementary school. Sassy Sisters vs The Sock Monster was named by the Independent Book Publishing Professionals Group as one of the best indie books of 2021.

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