MUSE Cicely Tyson and Me: B Michael’s Timeless Tale of Fashion and Friendship

In a heartfelt tribute to the legendary Cicely Tyson, renowned fashion designer B Michael unveils his latest masterpiece, “MUSE Cicely Tyson and Me: A Relationship Forged in Fashion.” The book, released by Harper Collins, chronicles the profound connection between the designer and the trailblazing actress, offering a poignant exploration of their 16-year collaboration that extended beyond the fashion world.

The story behind the book began to unfold as Tyson embarked on her memoir, “Just As I Am,” in 2021. Intrigued by the idea of encapsulating their remarkable journey, B Michael proposed the concept of a book to Tyson, who warmly embraced the notion but humorously insisted, “Help me finish my book first.” Unfortunately, Tyson’s passing in January 2021 momentarily put the project on hold.

Now, three years later, “MUSE Cicely Tyson and Me” comes to life, celebrating the enduring spirit of Tyson and the artistic synergy between the actress and designer. B Michael intricately weaves together the stunning looks he crafted for Tyson with the historical context and emotional resonance tied to each significant event. From the national Heart Truth show during Fashion Week in 2009 to high-profile award ceremonies, the book unveils the moments where Tyson shone in B Michael’s creations.

Notable occasions such as Tyson’s honorary Oscars win in 2018, her appearance at the Emmy Awards in 2017, and the CFDA Awards in 2014 showcase the breadth of their collaboration. The book also delves into the iconic ensemble worn by Tyson to Aretha Franklin’s funeral, including the attention-grabbing enormous black hat that left a lasting impression.

B Michael’s approach to the book evolved beyond a mere chronological narrative, as he delved deeper into the emotional tapestry of his relationship with Tyson. The result is a cathartic journey, reliving cherished moments and feeling the presence of the remarkable actress.

The book further explores the muse-designer connection through passages from key figures in Tyson and B Michael’s lives, including Lenny Kravitz, André Leon Talley, Pauletta Washington, and Mark-Anthony Edwards, B Michael’s personal and professional partner.

In a commendable move to support young talents, Harper Collins will donate a percentage of hardcopy sales from “MUSE” to Girls Write Now and the Boys and Girls Club of America twice a year. Mark-Anthony Edwards emphasizes the commitment to extending the book’s impact beyond its iconic status, aiming to empower and inspire the younger generation.

In an exclusive conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, B Michael reflects on the organic evolution of his relationship with Cicely Tyson, highlighting the authenticity and honesty that defined their enduring bond. The book stands as a testament to their unique connection, transcending the boundaries of fashion to capture the essence of an extraordinary friendship.