Milallan Diipalii Younan on “Poems From The Heart”: An Interview

Radhaa Publishing House is thrilled to introduce “Poems From The Heart,” a captivating journey into poetic expression by the talented Milallan Diipalii Younan. Step into a world where emotions dance off the page, crafting a tapestry of the soul. This anthology, meticulously curated by Radhaa Publishing House, celebrates poetry’s profound power and beauty.

Within these sacred pages, you’ll discover the evocative voice of Milallan Diipalii Younan and other poets from around the globe. Each poem offers a unique perspective on love, loss, joy, and resilience, weaving together a rich tapestry of emotions to stir your heart and ignite your imagination.

Join us in celebrating the enduring legacy of “Poems From The Heart.” Take your chance to experience the enchantment of Milallan Diipalii Younan’s poetry. Grab your copy today and allow the beauty of poetry to resonate within your soul.

Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with Milallan Diipalii Younan, where she shares the inspirations and insights behind her poignant verses. Tune in as we delve deeper into the heart and mind of the poet behind “Poems From The Heart.” You can grab a copy HERE:

Please share a bit about yourself and your love of poetry. 
Being brought up in the light and philosophy of yoga and as a spiritual aspirant in the journey of self-discovery and realization of the truth, I advocate for the spirit of oneness and universal love for humanity and the world. I regard poetry as a way of expressing my authentic self, being, and feelings and as one of the most exquisite expressions of the human heart and spirit.

What inspired you to participate in “Poems From The Heart” and share your poetry? 
Having a universal outlook, being connected with people who share a universal and neo-humanistic ideology, appreciating arts, and having subtle and sublime expressions of the human heart and spirit. Moreover, I wish to leave a legacy and part of my truth, light, and experience to the world, especially to my son. As a mental health nurse, I witness the unwanted side of the human psyche and existence. I also realized that in an unsettled mind lies a subtle desire for arts and beauty that, when captivated accordingly, can sway minds into light and healing.

Poems From The Heart Poet Interview with Milallan Diipalii Younan

How do you believe this collective effort will impact readers and fellow poets? 
It will serve as a beacon of inspiration for readers and poets to continue shining, allowing their creativity and arts to touch and reach hearts, minds, and souls and creating ripples of change, transformation, and liberation. It is also my deep faith that they will share in the realization that amidst the tapestry and diversity of our minds, experiences, and feelings, we all share a common denominator: Our humanity and this equals LOVE. Beyond the objective and subjective dualities the world presents, We find balance in the essence of our universal truth: Oneness and Life. Love, Liberation, and Transcendence.

When you reflect on your personal growth as a poet, what aspects of your journey are most inspiring and transformative? 
Being able to experience the opposites and extremes in life and feel and realize that “something unchanging and eternal” through time.

Reflecting on your experience with Radhaa Publishing House and its dedication, how has this collaboration influenced your artistic journey? 
The realization of words into action, the Creator is manifesting its creation into reality. It ignites the light of my artistic path and drives me to continue. If one has words and insights to share, a voice to speak in any expression, and energy to release, then the power of one’s sincere intention will lead to its manifestation. When creative minds unite and express something truly from their hearts and souls, it emits a subtle energy that helps in the universe’s even subtle yet transcending and powerful transformation.

What do you feel sets your poetry apart and makes it uniquely yours?
My writing reflects my real and deepest realization: As real as the experiences of duality in life are, there is one thing that is always eternally there and present, and if that is realized even just an inch of a breath, the mystery of life begins to unfold. It is also an artistic expression of my truest experiences, insights, desires, failures, struggles, successes, and the normal allegory of the human condition. I express and write freely based on my authentic feelings and inner expressions. I allow my energy to flow, and whatever side it stands at the moment, I try not to judge, resist, or push but just let it be.

Could you share a moment that deeply moved or inspired you, solidifying your unwavering dedication to poetry?
I feel worth sharing two essential experiences: being able to reach my deepest dream and achieve the greatest desire of my heart and, at the same time, losing someone I love who is dear and close to me, my mom. Despite all these, I realize that everything is passing and fleeting, but if we are connected to the infinite source of life, the journey itself is life. This revelation is worthy of our highest gratitude and deepest surrender.

Will you be doing a book signing event, and how do you envision sharing your work and engaging with your audience live? 
Definitely! This is my first-ever book involvement project, so I am thrilled and excited. I plan to connect and engage in any way I can with the help and support of Radhaa Publishing House, being a conduit of this artistic expression. I love to do interviews and have already done one with Radhaa Publishing House. I will also connect to Social Media, and if anybody is interested in interpreting my poem, I am happy and honored to have that inner and meaningful conversation and dialogue.

How will you connect with your audience through live readings and events after releasing “Poems From The Heart”? 
I plan to contact and connect with our local libraries and Barnes and Nobles and do live readings, book signings, and related events. I plan to share this in my work circle in Mental Health, as Poetry is a subtle way of expression that can help in transformative emotional and soul healing.

What excites you most about the upcoming release, and how do you plan to share this excitement with your network and community? 
I am excitedly looking forward to the hard copy of the book and also to reading my other co-authors’ poetry and poetic expressions. I believe I can successfully share this upcoming collective poetic creation through live book readings and book signings at local libraries and local and national bookstores such as Barnes and Noble. I would also extend the book to my close personal and professional circle.

How was your experience with Radhaa Publishing House and the Author Incubator program supportive? 
The Author Incubator program has reawakened the artist in me and made me fully and holistically confident and equipped to share my writing and poetry with the world. I was away from my writing and poetry for a while, and I feel so blessed to be connected with Radhaa Publishing House. Radhaa has this enchanting and magical way of awakening and capturing one’s innate artistry and allowing oneself to express the freedom of the soul. Radhaa Publishing House gives me hope and light.

Can you share a positive experience from the creative journey of co-creating “Poems From the Heart” that deeply moved or inspired you?
I have had many positive experiences with Radhaa and Poems From the Heart. Radhaa stands on the same side of the light that I also uphold. Being a part of and working on this collaborative project allows me to share the essence and truth of myself with the people close and special to me and to extend to others and the world. This experience made me realize that even if you have the slightest but true intention to do something that would help illuminate and radiate light and positivity to the world, it would become. When minds, hearts, and souls of the same wavelength and side unite and create something artistically powerful, it amplifies positive frequencies and light in the universe. It can bring a positive shift.
My husband and I are undergoing challenges and hindrances with our family goals while I’m involved in this project. It is a coincidence, or I would believe “synchronicity,” that this family trial happened on the day of one of our meetings in “Poems From The Heart”. I was able to share and relate to the group a picture of my conundrum and the “Shadow Activity” that day for me is a gateway that brings light and hope for whatever is coming. Indeed, it is. My most outstanding experience in this journey is the “Shadow Experience” with Rhadaa. My realization for this is knowing one’s true self and facing and conquering my shadow of darkness, fears and whatever negativities and the unwanted. Every encounter with fire burns and churns that falsehood and illusions. This would allow my true being to shine and continue shaping and writing the story of my journey. This I regard as authentic poetry.

Your poetic journey is marked by boundless potential and creativity. What aspirations do you hold for the future, and how do you see your poetic voice in the years to come?
I desire for my poetic expression to manifest on a much larger and extended scale. If given a chance, my aspiration is that the message of my poetry can be depicted in another artistic platform. In this way, it will be able to reach the hearts, minds, and souls of humanity across horizons and somehow leave a positive impression in their lives.

Would you like to share a poem with us, and what does it mean to you? 
Absolutely! I truly feel blessed, honored and humbled to be allowed to be a part of this book and share an integral and authentic part of me. I am truly thankful for the readers and other poets visiting my mind, heart and soul through my poetic expression. I feel inspired, joyful, and blissful. Having something positively eternal to leave behind unites all the timelines of my existence.
I am sharing excerpts from my two poems that truly and deeply resonate with my inner being:

Love Transcended (An excerpt):

The heart rhymes for the one,
With or without a reason, breathes for the known and unknown.
Ever hidden in the heights and depths, yet reveals the rarest light closer…..
In the sweetness of the earth, in the holiness of the heavens deeply as LOVE TRANSCENDS

Ghost Rider (An excerpt):
The elements of life and death quiver in every breath
Struggling to survive in the eyes of the storm
Every stone drips love and sucks the verve
Who can feel what is real?

Thank you for sharing your journey with us; how can readers engage with you further? 
If you want to connect with me and know me a little better, here is my social media:
Facebook: Milallan Vasquez Younan
Facebook Messenger: Milallan Vasquez Younan

My spiritual name is Diipalii, which means “Light.” I am a spiritual aspirant and know myself…I am as I am—nothing more, nothing less. I feel complete. I am… You Are… We Are…Life is… In Gratitude, Love, and Light…

Milallan Diipalii Younan is a mental health Registered Nurse, a dedicated yoga practitioner, and a private yoga instructor. She is also a cherished wife and mother, finding poetry a sacred and authentic expression of the human spirit. As a mental health nurse, she integrates deep breathing, relaxation techniques, breath awareness, and mindfulness exercises into her practice with patients and staff. She also advocates for and promotes overall health and well-being by encouraging healthy lifestyles and diets.

Diipalii, known by her spiritual name, embodies a neo-humanistic philosophy, viewing everyone and everything as interconnected and extensions of oneself. She lives and upholds this philosophy within her family, workplace, and society with the sincere intention of radiating subtle vibes and energy that can create ripples of positive change. She deeply believes that to make a significant impact on the outer world, an internal transformation is vital. Milallan feels blessed and honored to serve as a mental health nurse, where she can empower individuals she cares for, serves, and crosses paths with on their journeys toward health and well-being.

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