Mariah Matsushima’s New Book Mi Definición De Miedo, An Alluring Read That Mirrors One’s Deepest Fears And Ushers In Triumph Over Dread

NEW YORK, July 10, 2020  — The book Mi Definición de Miedo was created by Mariah Matsushima. Mariah is an author and chef who came from Mexico, where she studied decorative arts, tailoring and fashion design, social work, and psychology.

Mariah said this about her book: “Mi Definición de Miedo is a small mirror where at least one of your fears will be reflected. You can open up and find yourself.

Don’t let your fears run your life, give yourself a chance to be the star of your story. Even with all the things you have to face there is always more than one hope, do not keep in the drawer everything you could achieve if you let go of your fears.

In your life you rule and only you decide each step you take. Ask the Creator for his blessing, to decide wisely, be sure that you will act correctly.”

Published by Page Publishing, Mariah Matsushima’s new book Mi Definición de Miedo will guide readers in their journey to discerning their hidden anxieties that ultimately paves a path for courage and wisdom to reign and vanquish their iniquities.

Consumers who wish to be liberated from terror and understand the true meaning of faith in times of alarm can purchase Mi Definición de Miedo in any bookstore, or online at Apple iTunes,, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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