Maria Pellicano Empowers Readers To Find Their Voice and Message Through Book, ‘The Art Of Powerful Communication’

With society moving to, and establishing a post covid-19 ‘new normal’, the business world has had to adapt to changes in styles of communication, both within organisations and to external parties.

Australian author, voice coach, public speaker, teacher and singer, Maria Pellicano believes that there has never been a more important time to hone in on the skills that will help you to develop your career, expand your life and begin to see your authentic self confidence grow.

“Your voice is your power to influence and lead others. Have you ever heard a tall strong man with a weak timid voice? Have you ever heard a woman in a high-profile leadership role with a light breathy voice? When you choose the right tonality for your platform and message you have more control to mean what you say and say what you mean.” – Maria Pellicano

Originally published in October 2016 and an Amazon best-seller, Maria Pellicano’s book, ‘The Art of Powerful Communication’ has helped thousands of speakers, influencers, business executives and inspired go-getters to build skills in developing, sharing and inspiring many with their authentic messages.

The book continues to help readers to overcome fear and uncertainty, to be authentic and powerful communicators, through easy to implement, practical strategies.

Diving deeper into the delivery, nobody really knows the sound of their voice, and most are unable to control the sound of their voices.  Maria helps each speaker, use their voice with control and influence, utilising voice technique, mindset strategies and message delivery.   From a monotone to unhealthy voice Maria uses her skill in voice technique to help you speak more effectively.  

More About Maria Pellicano

Maria Pellicano is an Australian author, voice coach, public speaker, teacher and singer. With more than 20 years of experience, she has helped over 5,000 people find their voice, presence and confidence and to speak with influence and impact.

Through her experience, she has learnt first-hand, the impact experienced by people who have not been able to access the power within their voices. There is often a feeling of not getting the best out of themselves, feeling stifled and held back.

Maria works with individuals, leaders, influencers and businesses through public speaking and voice coaching, training, mentoring and coaching and corporate development programs, utilising her three step model of Mindset, Message and Voice.

Maria works with clients to develop a voice that is strong, a mindset that empowers you to be passionate and committed to your calling and a message that is appropriately designed to address the needs of your specific audience, clients and relationships.

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