Making Waves in the Wild West

British-Indian writer and poet, Rohini Walker moved straight from London to the Californian high desert almost seven years ago. In that time, she’s managed to harness the pioneering spirit of the Wild West, making waves with her words.

Walker co-founded, and is Creative Director and Editor of the print periodical Luna Arcana, for which she also creates a lot of written content. The publication has been gaining a steady and growing following across the States and Europe over the last several years, and is a wonderful example of how a genuinely independent grassroots creative endeavor can make an impact with people looking for authentic storytelling.

Much of this success has to do with Walker’s writing and creative direction, giving the publication a clear voice and consistent identity. 

So much so that Walker’s writing in Luna Arcana came to the attention of the southern Californian arts publisher The Artlands, last year. This has resulted in a stunning art book, published by The Artlands, called The Alchemy of Earth & Sky. This volume, the first of planned future ones, features art and words, much of it comprising Walker’s stunning poetry and prose. The book is a beautiful, artful weaving of nature and mythology, with Walker’s distinct and powerful style of writing being the clear thematic thread, guiding the reader through the spiraling journey of the book, and its impeccably curated content. 

Issue 6 of Luna Arcana is in the pipeline for later this year. In the meantime, Walker is also working on a book on the topics of nature and mythology. She also writes regularly for the popular PBS owned broadcast platform,

The Alchemy of Earth & Sky is available to purchase directly from The Artlands, here. And you can get your hands on previous issues of Luna Arcana from their website.

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