Learn How 16 Disruptors are Creating Change for the Better

Success Secrets of Disrupters provides 16 unique perspectives from professionals who’ve become bona fide game changers in their respective fields while finding ways to pivot and adapt in today’s warp-speed economy.

“Disruptors operate in a world where every industry is being affected by one or all of the following: AI, blockchain, capital markets, climate change, electric vehicles, food shortages, homeworking, inflation, the IoT, robots, scaling cities, the metaverse, water demand and, of course, war,” writes Thomas Power in the book’s foreword. “Growth is much harder; companies struggle, and leaders worldwide are under immense pressure to pick the right choice. With unlimited options, decision-making becomes close to impossible.”

Featured authors in Success Secrets of Disrupters include:

– Antony Abell, who is turning the world of property investment on its roof

– Roddy Herbert, who seeks to disrupt education

– Barry Paisley, who is a visionary in the music and entertainment industry

By sharing their individual stories, all 16 of these high-impact professionals hope to inspire readers to mastermind progress in their own industries through innovation.

“Thirty years of the internet have brought us to a place where we cannot back out, we cannot escape, we cannot choose to avoid facing where we now are,” Power writes. “All of us have to operate, and make choices and decisions, in this real time economy. Where do we turn, and who do we turn to? We turn to the disruptors — individuals who are in the thick of it, living and breathing new world experiences all day every day.”

About the Authors

Success Secrets of Disruptors features the following authors: Antony Abell, Anthony Basker, Marilise de Villiers Basson, Kate Faragher, Daniel Hammond, Roddy Herbert, Chris O’Hare, Owen O’Malley, Barry Paisley, Dr Paula Petry, Sarah Piddington, Anthony Pollock, Tim Robertson, Malcolm Tullett, Jane Young and Mark Young.