Latoya Jackson Leads In Resilient Schools With Rise Corp.

Jackson providing leadership, change management, educational consulting through Rise Corp.

Latoya Jackson, an award-winning strategic consultant, has been retained by several high-profile organizations for change-management initiatives. While client names remain confidential, all have reported significant progress towards strategic goals. 

Jackson’s ability to bring about transformational change has marked her career from the start. Her entire adult life has been dedicated to reaching the most troubled, at-risk and low-income students and walking them step by step towards graduation and success. By putting her full faith behind the power of individuals to rise above their circumstances, she has helped countless students, professionals and organizations reach their goals. 

“Working with the most challenging populations has taught me that leadership is about empathy, innovation, adaptability and drive,” Jackson said. “It’s not about ego and image. In order to have people follow your lead, you have to understand who you are leading and where you are going.”

Education has been trailing behind every other industry when it comes to change and innovation, especially in regards to serving the low-income and at-risk population.

“We must constantly be adapting to the realities in front of us and embrace change,” Jackson said. “When it comes to education, the same framework does not properly fit every student. I recognized this early in my career and have developed many new approaches and ideas to leading students to success.”

Jackson offers her services through RISE Corp, which provides rigorous, therapeutic, yet intrinsically centered, evidence-based academic solutions for disadvantaged populations. RISE is convinced that all students can utilize every misfortune as a navigation tool to perfect their intrinsic value and rise to leave their positive imprint on the world.

“When others give up, I step in,” Jackson said. I am here to show people how to envision a higher level of life, regardless of where they are. And then I help guide them there.”

About RISE Corp:

RISE Corp restores the trajectory of student’s lives by offering them the opportunity to intrinsically navigate curriculum, content standards and state requirements through the build-out and use of a “conceptual learning system.” RISE restorative academic programs and services assist individual schools, educational districts and communities in combating the staggering social and economic costs of student populations who are prone to disadvantage outcomes due to economic and socio- emotional outliers.

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