Kamala Harris’ Sensitivity to Criticism Revealed in New Book

Vice President Kamala Harris, a prominent figure in American politics, has come under scrutiny in a new book titled “The Last Politician.” The book, authored by Franklin Foer and set for release on Tuesday, paints a picture of Harris as someone highly sensitive to criticism, with her colleagues likening her reaction to that of a frightened rabbit.

Foer’s book delves into the world of Harris, suggesting that her sensitivity extends to an acute awareness of any disapproval directed towards her. Colleagues within the White House have even resorted to comparing her reactions to that of a skittish rabbit.

Describing this sensitivity, Foer writes, “Harris possessed what one of her colleagues described as ‘rabbit ears.'” He goes on to reveal that Harris appeared acutely attuned to it whenever a hint of criticism emerged, whether from within the West Wing or the media.

Rather than brushing off such criticism, she reportedly sought to identify the source and the nature of the comments made about her. Foer recounts an incident when Harris came across a particularly damning news story concerning her team’s mismanagement. In response, she briefly distanced herself from an aide whom she suspected of collaborating with reporters.

This hypersensitivity comes at a time when public opinion about Harris is somewhat polarized. According to a June NBC News poll, 49 percent of registered voters have a negative view of her, with only 32 percent viewing her favorably.

The book also suggests that President Joe Biden appeared hesitant to entrust Harris with critical responsibilities in the White House. While he treated her respectfully, he did not delegate substantial roles to her, in contrast to his role in the Obama administration.

Foer notes that Ron Klain, Biden’s former chief of staff, stepped in to guide Harris. However, he encountered challenges in assisting her effectively. Harris had imposed several constraints on herself, indicating her reluctance to work on women’s issues or race-related topics. She also aimed to create a predominantly female office with a Black woman serving as chief of staff.

In Klain’s perspective, Harris’s self-imposed rules made it challenging for her to establish her role effectively, and he found it difficult to provide productive guidance.

“The Last Politician” offers a unique insight into the complex world of Kamala Harris, shedding light on her sensitivity to criticism and the dynamics of her role within the Biden administration. As the book becomes available to the public, it is likely to generate discussions about the Vice President’s leadership style and the challenges she faces in her role.