Jenny Slate Set to Release Second Book: “Lifeform”

Jenny Slate, acclaimed comedian, actress, and bestselling author, is gearing up to unveil her highly anticipated second essay collection titled “Lifeform.” Following the success of her 2019 New York Times bestseller “Little Weirds,” Slate’s newest work promises to be a captivating meditation on the multifaceted journey of motherhood.

Scheduled for release on October 22, “Lifeform” delves into the intricate nuances of Slate’s experience as a mother, exploring the profound complexities, surreal strangeness, and transformative beauty that accompany parenthood. Through a series of deeply introspective essays, Slate invites readers into her world, offering poignant reflections and humorous anecdotes that only she could deliver. 

Reflecting on her creative process, Slate shares, “Completing this new work was a singular pleasure. I dove deep, and I think I’ve surfaced more alive than ever, and I am so eager to share it all with anyone who is willing and ready. I know I am!”

“Lifeform” follows a distinct structure, divided into five phases: Single, True Love, Pregnancy, Baby, and Ongoing. Each section offers a unique lens through which Slate navigates the various stages of motherhood, from the surreal dreams of a stork to candid musings on post-partum experiences.

Jean Garnett, Slate’s editor, praises her distinct voice and vision, noting, “She has a voice and a vision all her own, and she somehow manages to be hilarious, whimsical, and deeply philosophical all at once.”

This exciting announcement comes on the heels of Slate’s upcoming stand-up special, “Seasoned Professional,” premiering on Amazon Prime Video on February 23. In her stand-up, Slate humorously touches on her postpartum journey, offering witty insights into the joys and challenges of motherhood.

Additionally, Slate’s creative endeavors extend beyond literature and comedy. Audiences can anticipate her starring role alongside Blake Lively and Hasan Minhaj in the feature adaptation of Colleen Hoover’s “It Ends With Us,” set to release this summer.

Published by Little, Brown and Company, “Lifeform” is poised to captivate readers with its blend of humor, introspection, and heartfelt storytelling. With her unparalleled wit and charm, Jenny Slate invites readers on a poignant exploration of the extraordinary journey of motherhood.

For international rights representation, Laura Bonner will be representing the book, while Claudia Ballard at WME handled the publishing deal.

Stay tuned for the release of “Lifeform” this October, as Jenny Slate continues to inspire and entertain audiences with her unique perspective and storytelling prowess.