James Quinn Favorite Books

James Quinn is an American born award winning actor. He most recently won best actor for The 12th Letter at The Five Continents International Film Festival. He is also a director , writer & talk show host from Pittsburgh PA. James is known for such films as SANDMAN, The 12th Letter, The Boonies, Checkmate, No Knock List, Before The Border, The Dark Knight Rises, Pro Wrestlers Vs Zombies, (CBS) One Dollar, Mayor Of Kingstown, and plenty more. His most used and favorite quote is “It’s not the words you say, it’s how you say the words” James has appeared on the cover of Artistic Platforms Magazine 4 times in recognition of his work.

He has both national and international distribution of several of his films. James also has a background in Ice Hockey, amateur boxing, & basketball. James in recent years has written numerous movie scripts and has begun directing his own films as well. You can find him & his work on social media @RealJamesQuinn