Interview With Author Wendy Michelle

Hello Author Wendy Michelle, Welcome to WorldAuthors.Org! What Inspired You to Write This Book?
My inspiration did not come from one place or one person. The ambition that kept me focused while bringing the 10 steps of the Just In Case Solutions to life was knowing that the end result would truly help others. People have shared real stories and those heartfelt conversations inspired me to create a solution, not only to help those folks who need the assistance with organizing their life data so it’s easy for them and not such a daunting task but also to help their loved ones when a scenario like an accident, illness or death occurs. 

My original motivation came from encouraging friends and family who believed in me and my vision, however there was one friend in particular, who told me I needed to create something for people who are completely unorganized and do not know where to start. She always looked at my detail-oriented talents as a blessing and encouraged me to create something to share with others. She explained to me just how valuable it would be for all those who would take the time to complete it. She was my guardian angel who was with me in spirit while I finished creating the workbook. 

I am honored that my workbook will be welcomed into the homes of others as it provides a comprehensive resource of all essential information to loved ones.  Life is filled with happiness but when life becomes hard and struggles become real, life can be emotional and overwhelming. Those are the times that motivated me to keep going to get this published to help others struggle less in hard times. Knowing that I would create something to make a difficult time easier for people truly inspired me to keep my focus to bring the 10 easy steps of the Just In Case Solutions to life. 

How did you come up with your characters?
Just In Case Solutions is an interactive workbook used to organize and record essential information in someone’s life. The person who completes their own workbook will have a story of their own to tell and will be their own main character. Everyone has their own essential details pertaining to their own life so you need to be your own professional as you complete the workbook, be your own main character, as no one is a better expert of your life than you are.  

What guidance would you offer to someone new, or trying to enhance their writing? 
If you are creating a piece of work that eventually will be used by various types of people, the best guidance I am able to provide would be never give up. You will need to cross hurdles so welcome feedback, whether it’s good or bad and be ready for constant changes to continue to make your work better. Stay organized, focused and never let negative comments stop you from finishing!

Out of all the books in the world, and all the authors, which are your favorite and why? 
When I read for pleasure, I will admit I like to read smut, a random romance novel or a lovely piece of literature written by Nicholas Sparks.  

Who do you think would be interested in this book, is it directed at any particular market? 
Everyone should be interested in this workbook, as it will make harder times easier for their loved ones. The directed market is the older adult population; however, accident, illness and death do not just happen to elders as none of us are exempt from these tragedies. Any adult focused on wanting to provide an organized summary of their essential life details would be interested in the 10 easy steps of Just In Case Solutions.  

We all want the people we love to struggle less during a difficult time, if they know something exists and where it is located, they will struggle less when an emotional time comes. This workbook is directed anyone who wants to make things easier for their loved ones. 

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