Interview with Author of ‘Counterfeit’ – Amere Dozier

Amere Dozier is a crime and urban fiction author from South Bend, Indiana. He writes with the intent to inspire the urban community to read more and create content.

Hello Author Amere! You have signed your first publishing deal. How does that feel?
It feels like a blessing. It’s one of those checkpoints in a writer’s career, you know. Something we all want to do at least once.

What were the main components that caused you to take the deal with Austin Macauley?
I liked the ideas they had and the amount of control they gave me as an author. They made it seem like they could teach me aspects of the game that I don’t know yet. So far they’ve been doing it too so I wasn’t wrong.

You’re considered as an urban fiction and crime author. Austin Macauley typically doesn’t produce that type of content. What do you think they seen in your work? What do you think made them interested in you?
I feel like they found a good story that could connect with a demographic they weren’t really reaching. They know that the urban community is a mandatory demographic to reach. ‘Counterfeit’ is a good story that is going to reach that demographic.

What makes a good story to you?
A story that informs or a story that causes conversation is a good story.

Before the interview you stated that you were about to take a break from writing for a few years. You said the Austin Macauley deal made you decide to keep going. Why were you going to take the break?
Well first off I felt like it wasn’t going anywhere. I’m young so my patience still needs a little work you feel me. A lot of the profit from my books were going back into my career and to school. That leaves me with nothing extra to show for it. I didn’t realize that when you’re doing something like writing you’ve gotta invest in yourself for a while before somebody else does. I didn’t realize that you’ve got to bump your head a few times and learn how the game works. I wanted a straight shot to success you know. It just doesn’t work like that.

Do you have any siblings?
Yup, I have six. I’m the oldest. That’s who I do all of this for. I have to make it so they’re good when they’re older.

It must feel good to have an older brother like you. Thanks for speaking with us today Amere!

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