Interview with Author Doerthe Huth

Doerthe Huth is a writer and psychological consultant from Germany, holding an M.A. degree in German, Psychology and Computational Linguistics. In addition to several book publications about joy of life she is also represented with her poems and essays in anthologies and literary magazines.

Hello Author Doerthe Huth! Tell us a little bit about your background?
For more than 20 years I work as an author, psychological consultant and teacher in adult education. Born in Germany 1968, I studied German, Psychology and Computational Linguistics, and received a Master of Arts. I am trained in Gestalt therapy, various consulting and relaxation techniques, and therapeutic and literary writing. 

What are your previous books?
My books are an invitation to let go, redefine and feel the joy of life. The last ones were about appreciation and wellbeing, for example, and have been published by renowned publishers in Germany. Take a look inside my book about “Wellbeing at Work” on my English website. 

What about literary publications?
My literary writing is published in anthologies and literary magazines. In the literary texts I write about everything that interests me at the moment, like everyday observations, human behaviour or injustice.

Why do you write poems?
Poetry is a form of creativity, art and self expression. Whether it’s a moment of sadness, anger or happiness, it feels good to capture it in a poem. There are many ways to express thoughts and feelings, writing poems is one of them. In some cases I guide clients on how to deal with loss or grief, because writing can be a helpful resource. Poems can help to let go and are a chance to get things sorted.

English is not your first language, why are you writing in English?
Some years I worked with refugees and immigrants. In some home countries poetry is much higher regarded as in Germany. I was very touched by poems from different countries and cultures. I began to create my poems in English to include this readers and listeners who do not speak my language. 

What’s next in terms of poetry?
Over the years I wrote so many poems that I wanted to collect them. In 2017 I received a residency at the Soltau Artist House in northern Germany with focus on poetry and took the time to find my poems from different years. This year my focus is on poetry, so maybe the next book will be a poetry collection. 

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