How to Market Books Online – Free & Paid Tips, Techniques and Hacks

Though it is very difficult to write a book, it’s harder to promote and market it in front of the readers but it’s the most important task to make your book the best-seller. The hard work over marketing the book starts as soon as you plan to write one because it is a tedious task and requires strategy and networking and planning. So even before your book is published there shall be an air in the market about the book that is about to come. Now that the technology has advanced so much that the books are not just hard copy and paper based, the e-published books are available as well you need to figure out the ways where you market your book for both the types available to the readers. The book shall be published online by an Ebook publisher while for the hard copies there can be an independent book publisher or you can be a self-publisher.

Also, you should fix the budget that you’re ready to spend on marketing, publishing the books. You can reduce the cost of publishing by being a self publisher as an independent book publisher charges high.

There can be various ways to market your book online, few of them being:

  1. Mouth Publicity– Nothing travels faster than the word of mouth or hear-say things. Thus people should be talking about it and there shall be whispers about the book even before it’s launched for which you need to create curiosity amongst the readers either by putting biography of the author which is interesting or put events that catch attention.
  2. Target Audience-Even before you write a book you shall know your target audience and who’d you think you writing the book for, who’d invest their time n money in buying and reading your book and thus they shall be approached through various social platforms online or offline.
  3. Social Networking– In today’s world, irrespective what age group you belong to, you definitely use social networking mediums to stay updated, to stay in touch, to stay close etc. use this for your benefit and keep them updated about what’s coming and how is it going ti impact their lives.
  4. Reasonably available– The book shall be available as easily as possible at the local vendors, online shopping sites, book stores, ebooks etc. Also, an ebook can be provided free of cost or cheaper to promote it better for which an ebook-publisher can be a great help.
  5. Press Release– Press release is a rather fancy but very effective idea where the reports talk to you about your book and you can express yourself and convey your message to the audience through them.

While marketing a book you can be as creative as you want and the innovative you are the better it is but these are the five major steps that you shouldn’t miss upon to be able to circulate your book in the market. I hope you get benefitted with the article. Happy writing!