Goa Governor Sreedharan Pillai Releases Trio of Books: A Celebration of Trees, Geopolitics, and Poetry

In a literary affair that embraced diverse themes, Goa Governor PS Sreedharan Pillai unveiled three captivating books during a notable ceremony held at the Raj Bhavan. The event, graced by esteemed dignitaries, marked the launch of ‘Heritage Trees of Goa’, ‘When Parallel Lines Meet’, and a collection of evocative poems titled ‘Ente Priya Kavithakal’.

The English books, released at the Raj Bhavan event, embody a fascinating amalgamation of subjects that encompass nature, geopolitics, and the artistry of poetry. ‘Heritage Trees of Goa’ was inaugurated by the distinguished West Bengal Governor CV Ananda Bose, while the Chief Minister of Goa, Pramod Sawant, marked the opening of the event. Goa’s Minister for Tourism, Rohan Khaunte, and renowned Jnanpith laureate Damodar Mauzo joined the endeavor by releasing the other two books, ‘When Parallel Lines Meet’ and ‘Ente Priya Kavithakal’.

The inspiration for these literary creations dawned during Mr. Pillai’s compassionate outreach to over 1,005 dialysis and cancer patients via the Governor’s Discretionary Fund. The journey led him to unveil a profound exploration of heritage trees that grace Goan villages and sacred sites. ‘Heritage Trees of Goa’ accentuates the narrative of the ‘Goa Sampurna Yatra’, a comprehensive journey that traverses the state’s length and breadth, encompassing 421 villages and 191 village panchayats in 12 talukas across two districts.

The discovery of sacred trees and groves by the villagers during Mr. Pillai’s village visits ignited his profound journey into the realm of ‘Heritage Trees of Goa’, affectionately titled “Saimik Daiz” in Konkani.

Another thought-provoking addition, ‘When Parallel Lines Meet’, takes readers on a contemporary geopolitical expedition, unveiling insights into the ever-evolving world of global politics.

Amid these compelling narratives, the third book, ‘Ente Priya Kavithakal’, presents a collection of poems that eloquently capture the essence of nature, art, and literature.

Speaking on the occasion, Chief Minister Sawant highlighted Governor Pillai’s unique accomplishment of the Goa Gram Sampurna Yatra, praising him for his dedicated undertaking and completion of the journey.

Governor Pillai added depth to the celebration by emphasizing the distinctive perspective of Goa’s culture, which reveres nature and all its organisms. He articulated, “Our culture is not human-centric as in the case of Western society. We don’t view nature as something to be exploited. Our philosophy is eccentric, embracing all living organisms in the universe.”

In this symphony of literature, the books released by Goa Governor PS Sreedharan Pillai encapsulate the rich heritage of the state, the intricacies of global politics, and the soul-stirring beauty of poetry, showcasing the diverse facets of human thought and experience.