Giving Up Is No Solution!

Winning and losing are just part of the game, but once you lose your life, you are out of the game, and there is no chance then. So, choose to live, because then you are sure to get opportunities to try, to stand, to fight back, and eventually win!

Undoubtedly, this life is a mess; yours may be messier than others. But still giving up on life is no solution. It’s okay to fail, to lose, to fall, to feel sad, to be upset, to lose the job, to have a broken heart, broken relationships, disagreeable relatives, selfish friends, careless parents, cranky landlords, problematic neighbors; EVERYTHING IS OKAY! What is NOT OKAY is to give up! #dontgiveup #liveittothefullest Believe in yourself and have faith in God. Whatever seems tough today may not be a matter of botheration tomorrow.
Remember that NOTHING ON THIS EARTH IS PERMANENT, NOT EVEN YOUR WORRIES AND PROBLEMS. So, DON’T GIVE UP! Choose life over your problems, over your worries, and your struggles.