Ghulam Nabi Azad’s Autobiography: The Journey of a Veteran Politician

Former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir and DPAP chairman, Ghulam Nabi Azad’s book titled “Azaad: An Autobiography” was released in New Delhi recently. At the event, Azad shared his views on his political career and the evolution of India’s political landscape, along with candid reflections on his life and career, and some of India’s and the world’s most influential leaders. He hoped that his readers would enjoy reading the book as much as he enjoyed writing it.

The book was released by former Union Minister Dr Karan Singh, and several prominent political leaders from various parties were present at the event. Azad has worked with four Congress Prime Ministers and remained the party’s general secretary for almost every state. Last year, he quit the party over differences with the leadership.

During the event, Azad made some statements about Rahul Gandhi, which received a lot of attention. He said that Rahul Gandhi is the primary reason why he and many others are not in the Congress today. He also claimed that one has to be “spineless” to remain in the grand old party. Azad asserted that it was too late for him to return to the Congress, even if Rahul Gandhi sought his return.

Azad, who has since floated the Democratic Progressive Azad Party, said that no one is “untouchable” in politics today, and he could go with any party to form a government. He did not rule out going with the BJP to be a part of a government in Jammu and Kashmir if both parties win once elections are held there.

Azad criticized some Congress leadership running the show in the party today, saying that he is 2000% more Congressi than those who run politics on Twitter. He said he was angry at those leaders who are “destroying” the party today. When asked if Sonia Gandhi gave him a call to return to the Congress fold, he said, “Kaash Agar Sonia Gandhi Ke Haath Mein Hota to Hum Yahan Aate Nahin (I wish if that was in the hands of Sonia Gandhi, we would have been sitting here today)… Sonia Gandhi cannot decide.”

Azad took a dig at Rahul Gandhi, stating that he wished Rahul Gandhi had worked 1/50th of what Indira Gandhi or Rajiv Gandhi did; he would have succeeded. Azad also noted that politics is a commitment to oneself, people, party, and country. One has to rise to the occasion when required and when there is party work.

In conclusion, Azad’s book is a personal account of his political journey spanning five decades, tracing the remarkable evolution of India’s political landscape. The book provides insights into Azad’s life and career, and some of India’s and the world’s most influential leaders. The book’s release event also provided an opportunity for Azad to express his views on current politics and leadership in the Congress party.