by Biswadeep Ghosh Hazra

My mind is unclear, jammed with a million emotions;

Of fear, love, lust, anger, death, pain and sadness…

Emotions I resent them-yet they seem to overflow, and break the floodgate of my mind;

Searching in the darkness, I crave for finding your lost body,

Sacred as it will be…

The feeling of pain my body bore in the process;

But you did came (as emotions) in my dream,

Are you there? I question, gently my hand reaching out to you…

In the hope that you’ll place yours on mine-

On the highroad of death, I feel like a wolf injured by your car,

A billion emotions now clog my mind (my head is ready to burst)…

And yet you found your way through them like a snake through obstacles,

Your serpentine eyes and your fearless smile inspire me (did it?)

Am I out of my mind? I am standing between the normal and insanity-

Yet I can sense your presence…your grave is right in front of me,

But I wonder why does the gravestone read my name?

I am petrified by the feeling of death…

Rotten ideas like gauntlets of desire haunt me,

My life is now like broken bones and burnt cigarettes;

Why can’t I focus on one emotion at a time?

What have I become? I ask myself,

The answer sleeps only to be awaken at the right time…