Emma Straub’s Book Events Canceled in Texas Schools Due to Parental Complaints Over Social Media Posts

Bestselling author Emma Straub had two book events canceled in Texas schools after some parents discovered her use of profanity on social media. Straub, who is known for adult novels such as “The Vacationers” and “All Adults Here,” was in Houston last week promoting her new children’s book, “Very Good Hats.” However, upon her arrival, Straub was informed that her appearances at two schools had been canceled due to complaints from parents about her social media posts.

The Katy Independent School District cited the use of profanity, specifically the word “f**k,” as the reason for canceling her visits. Straub expressed disappointment in not being able to read her book to the children and lamented that other writers and books may not be welcome in schools that have similar values. This is not the first time the district has had conflicts with visiting writers, as another author’s virtual visit and books were postponed and temporarily removed from school shelves after similar complaints.