Eating the Forbidden Fruit

The pandemic has opened and closed doors within the literary industry. Book tours has slowed down yet virtual tours are flourishing. Newly ordained author Roland Sato Page has been counting his blessing. His recently published novel “Eating the Forbidden Fruit” is gaining the attention of many readers. Especially now when the world propelled with so much drama among community and police relation. Roland book is based on his former career as a St. Louis police officer convicted of federal drugs crimes due to his childhood street affiliation. He insists this is not your average police corruption novel but a morality battle of loyalty to the badge or childhood friends. Eating the Forbidden Fruit is a dark journey into the temptations of law enforcement. It exploits behind the scene situations public don’t see. From infidelity to crimes committed by the ones who are pledged to protect and serve. A true tale of karma, confession, and redemption. 

Roland attempts to diffuse an explosive street battle between two childhood friends without jeopardizing his career. However, he is thrown into a nightmare of being a respected detective only hours later being arrested on federal drug charges. Witness the inspiration of his family fare him through the storm. 

The freshmen writer does not consider himself an author yet. Clarifying he believes he must earn such title. He delivers a detail insight on current social justice problems in today society. A non-bias view of the stress of law enforcement and the covert actions that borderline violating constitutional rights. 

Besides redemption he wrote the novel as therapy for his depression due to Lupus. As a Lupus warrior the pandemic hindered his promotional campaign. Roland states, “I was so depressed I found it difficult to get motivated to do interviews or indulge in marketing.” The support of my family (wife & kids) pushed him forward. He is currently working on two more novels. “Skin Deep” based on the tattoo industry. The author passed a 25year tattoo business to his sons named Black Pearl Tattoo Gallery located in downtown St. Louis. “Walking the Purple Road” is the last illustrating his near death experience battling Lupus. 

Eating the Forbidden Fruit is available on Amazon or got to his website for all info on the author.