Drake Dives into Poetry with ‘Titles Ruin Everything/A Stream of Consciousness’

Drake, the Canadian superstar known for his success as a rapper, is expanding his artistic endeavours by releasing a poetry book titled “Titles Ruin Everything/A Stream of Consciousness.” The book, co-written with his longtime collaborator Kenza Samir, was announced by Drake on June 23 through an Instagram post. He expressed his enthusiasm and encouraged his fans to support the book, which would be available through select retailers.

The collaboration between Drake and Samir extends beyond music, as they have ventured into literature with this poetry book. Drake had initially teased the book during the inaugural episode of his SiriusXM radio show, Table For One. The book’s release marks their joint effort to convey their thoughts and emotions through poetic verses and prose.

While delving into poetry, Drake continues to focus on his music career. Following the release of his first poetry book, he revealed that he is working on another EP titled “Scary Hours.” He has already treated fans to two successful albums, “Honestly, Nevermind” and “Her Loss” featuring 21 Savage. In support of the latter album, Drake will embark on a tour alongside 21 Savage, starting at the end of June. To confirm the rumors surrounding the tour, Drake shared a cinematic trailer on Instagram, showcasing his journey to superstardom and hinting at what fans can expect from the live performances.

In addition to his poetry book and upcoming tour, Drake surprised fans with news of a forthcoming album. Taking out full-page advertisements in major publications, he promoted his poetry collection and revealed that he had also created an album to accompany the book. The album announcement was accompanied by the message, “FOR ALL THE DOGS,” hinting at what may be in store for his listeners.

While a specific release date for the album has not yet been disclosed, Drake’s fans eagerly anticipate the new musical project. The upcoming album follows the success of his previous albums, including “Her Loss” and “Certified Lover Boy.” Drake’s commitment to his artistic expression extends beyond music, as he continues to explore new avenues and captivate audiences with his creative endeavors.