Lightsurfers: Creator vs God

Karl de Leeuw, one of the world’s leading peace campaigners, has painstakingly and meticulously researched the world’s top five religions to bring you an extraordinary offering filled with messages of hope and understanding.

As a lightworker – a spiritually minded individual whose aim is to raise humanity’s consciousness – the author has spent seven years in refining The Universe Code to bring the truth to humanity. The truth that there is but one Creator and that the search for this truth has divided humankind.

By delving into the scriptures of Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, the author has uncovered the errors made not by the divine, but by human interpretation. Allow your mind to be open as you work through The Creator versus God and how this was interpreted between religions. Jesus in India and Reincarnation offer more viewpoints than the basic understanding of these topics, and Human Energy Fields/ Chakras brings to light startling new information.

The Universe Code is about oneness and how we can live together in peace when we see the light.