Class 12th girl releases five books, enters India book of records

Swastika Ghati, a class 12 student from West Bengal, has been included in the India Book of Records. Five national-level books she has written and published have given the honour to Durgapur. Since she was young, Swastika Ghati has had a strong interest in both music and painting. Swastika enjoyed reading literature on both a local and global scale. She is inspired by that and wants to write her own book.

Swastika began writing books when the covid epidemic caused chaos throughout the nation. She’d always wanted to share her ideas with others through writing. Swastika wrote 5 books on various subjects about the country and beyond in a short period.

Later, she submitted those five books to the India Book of Records, after a few days India Book of Records recognised her five books and congratulated Swastika while handing over the certificate.