Chelsea King Announces Release of Highly Anticipated Sophomore Album, I’ll Meet You In Dreams

Rising star Chelsea King is thrilled to announce the release of her eagerly anticipated sophomore album, I’ll Meet You in Dreams. The album will be released on May 24 and will be available on all streaming services worldwide.

Written and produced in her bedroom in Nashville, TN, I’ll Meet You In Dreams is a tribute to divine feminine expression and reclaiming power. The album incorporates synthesizers and guitar tones that emanate feelings of nostalgia and dreaminess. Chelsea plays all instruments on the album, apart from a few guest appearances from close friends.

Following her debut album, Quantum Entanglement, King explores her softer side with this new album. Each song represents a dream she has experienced while reclaiming and healing her feminine energy. King spent most of 2023 working alongside Shamans in various forms of meditation to unblock several chakras. Side A was written and recorded after the blockages were moved, and Side B was written before. The album speaks of the manic pixie dream girl, manifestation, watching dreams come true, losing sleep, dreamless nights, nightmares, dreams of sailing across the Milky Way, astral travel, romanticization, and idealization.

The opening track, “Daisy Buchanan,” is a sarcastic take on the ‘Manic Pixie Dream Girl’ trope, inspired by the character from The Great Gatsby. The second track and one of the singles, “Wish,” is about a dream come true, written about her current boyfriend. It evolved from an acoustic to a shoegaze rock song, visually influenced by King’s synesthesia.

The music video for “Wish” was filmed and directed by Josh Bush in Nashville, featuring a vintage 1970s theme. The video explores the first encounter between King and her co-star Dawson Blankinship, ending in the new East Nashville bar, Schulman’s.

Other notable tracks include “It Makes Me Think of You,” about losing sleep over a love interest, and “Vampire,” which contrasts sweet acoustic guitars with lyrics about nightmares. The album also includes “Outer Space Vacation,” inspired by a dream of sailing across the Milky Way, and “In Dreams,” about astral travel and messages to her younger self. 

Earlier this year, Chelsea introduced a line of merchandise she personally designed, named after her song “Outer Space Vacation.” 

The album features fifteen tracks, including five exclusive songs in the deluxe edition:

  1. Daisy Buchanan
  2. wish
  3. It Makes Me Think of You
  4. Vampire
  5. outer space vacation
  6. crush!
  7. digital dreamscape
  8. hiraeth
  9. don’t
  10. in dreams
  11. in time (Deluxe Edition)
  12. vancouver (acoustic) (Deluxe Edition)
  13. talking to ghosts (Deluxe Edition)
  14. cloud (acoustic) (Deluxe Edition)
  15. ocean (Deluxe Edition)

The new album showcases Chelsea’s evolution as an artist. Celebrating this milestone, Chelsea will host an album release show on June 22 at the renowned Exit In in Nashville.

Chelsea’s growing influence on TikTok has not only amplified her musical reach but also highlighted her spiritual insights, which play a significant role in her creative process. After a year of refining her sound and a brief hiatus from social media, Chelsea is poised to make 2024 a landmark year with I’ll Meet You In Dreams.

Album Release Party – Event Details:

  • Date: June 22
  • Venue: Exit In, Nashville
  • Tickets: Available online