Celebrating the Voice of Poet Caroline Roy (Care) in “Poems From the Heart” Presented by Radhaa Publishing House

Welcome to World Authors, where we interview rising literary stars. Today, we proudly present an enchanting exploration into the depths of poetic expression: “Poems From The Heart” by Author Poet Caroline Roy (Care).

Radhaa Publishing House proudly presents an enchanting exploration into the depths of poetic expression—”Poems From The Heart,” featuring the evocative verses of poet Caroline Roy (Care). Step into a world where emotions dance off the page, crafting a tapestry of the soul.

Discover the stirring voices of poets from around the globe within these sacred and multi-faceted pages. Each poet offers a unique perspective on love, loss, joy, heroism, and resilience, stirring the heart and igniting readers’ imaginations.

Join us in celebrating the power of poetry and the enduring legacy of “Poems From the Heart.” Don’t miss your chance to experience the magic of “Poems From The Heart.” Grab your copy today and let the beauty of poetry touch your soul.

Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with Caroline Roy (Care) as she shares the inspirations and insights behind her poignant verses. Tune in as we get to know the Poet of “Poems From The Heart.” You can grab a copy [HERE].

You can get a Kindle copy HERE: amzn.to/4bwLmJ4.

Please share a bit about yourself and your love of poetry. 
Hello, beautiful soul, my name is Caroline Roy, and you’re welcome to call me Care. I’m a poet who didn’t even know it. As a child, I struggled with reading and writing. I had tutors and readers for exams. I didn’t think it would be possible for me to have published written work in this lifetime. And like several other ´impossibilities’ on this life’s journey, I’ve turned can’t into can and impossible into I’m Possible. Now that I’ve embodied this part of myself, it feels so right to call myself a published poet!

What inspired you to participate in “Poems From The Heart” and share your poetry?
When I initially heard about this project, my heart said YES! This was followed by an intuitive feeling that I was meant to be a part of this. So when the invitation arrived to join, I knew it was YES! Even when some doubts tried to arise and hijack the moment. Always follow the YES!

How do you believe this collective effort will impact readers and fellow poets? 
This book is a collaborative piece that contains a collection of poems written by heart-led leaders worldwide. Each poem is the heart’s way of expressing and sharing the emotions felt during its creation moment. This book will open up so many hearts!

You can get a Kindle copy HERE: amzn.to/4bwLmJ4.

When you reflect on your personal growth as a poet, what aspects of your journey are most inspiring and transformative? 
I’m just getting started on this chapter of being a poet. I’m excited to see what happens next with my writing and poetry journey as it continues to unfold.

Reflecting on your experience with Radhaa Publishing House and its dedication, how has this collaboration influenced your artistic journey? 
Radhaa has a deeply feminine lead energy. This project came into my life at a time when I really needed a reminder of how powerfully connected to myself and my inner feminine I am. Radhaa holds a powerful container with so much softness and love while giving space for other healers to share their gifts with the group. I always thought I would have published visual art before having published written work. Radhaa Publishing has influenced and helped change my artistic journey forever!

What do you feel sets your poetry apart and makes it uniquely yours?
It’s deep yet easy to read and receive the messages. It will make you think and feel about yourself in ways you may not always let yourself. The poems were written to help others know they are not alone and we are all together! They come from experiencing the deep discomforts of pain and ecstatic highs of unconditional love.

Image Credit: Grace Turnbull

Besides prolific poetry, what other activities or interests do you love to pursue in your life? 
One of my life long loves is teaching and of many different topics. I love to teach and mentor others, especially when witnessing the AHA! moments. Also, I’ve been a fine artist my entire life and was fluent with a paint brush earlier than a pen. I have a natural and trained eye for detail and color.

Will you be doing a book signing event, and how do you envision sharing your work and engaging with your audience live?
I’m sure a book signing event will happen; it just hasn’t presented itself yet. I look forward to it when it happens. Currently, I’ll be focusing on how I can share my work through live events, both in person and virtually.

How will you connect with your audience through live readings and events after releasing “Poems From The Heart”? 
I teach virtual and in-person yoga classes and plan on reading my poems at the end of some practices. I also offer creative healing events, and I would like to add poetry writing events with live poetry readings where anyone can share their work. 

Image Credit: Care Roy

What excites you most about the upcoming release, and how do you plan to share this excitement with your network and community? 
The fact that I’m a published poet after not thinking it to be part of my journey! A true sense of pride and personal accomplishment feels new to me and so good. I plan to continue sharing on my socials about the book and inviting poets from the book to do mini live poetry readings on our socials to promote each other’s poems.

How was your experience with Radhaa Publishing House and the Author Incubator program supportive? 
I loved this program, I found it to be very helpful and inspiring. The draft version of my poem “She wants to Live” came from one of those sessions! I appreciated the space to create while being virtually surrounded by other poets tapping into their creative magic.

Can you share a positive experience from the creative journey of co-creating “Poems From the Heart” that deeply moved or inspired you? 
This was a healing experience for me behind the scenes, on an ancestral level. Both my parents helped me with spell checking my poems. And my dad was very invested in helping me make my new dream of having published work come true. When helping me, he said that he was very impressed by my work and that I was very good at writing poetry. Instant inner child healing happened in that moment and it will be something I won’t forget. My poems will be my forever reminder of how this project helped heal generations of my lineage; what a true gift and blessing art is!

Would you like to share a poem with us, and what does it mean to you? 
Absolutely! I’ll share the first poem I wrote, “Loving ALL of You”. This poem has been a go-to piece for me as a reminder of how powerful my over a decade of daily devotion to inner work and self-love has been for my whole self.

Loving ALL of You
By Caroline Roy (Care)

We desire to be our highest selves
Yet fear embracing all of ourselves.

We have this way of shunning
Our shadows by running.

We make them feel rejected
When in reality, we’re mis-directed.

We get taught to shame anything negative 
And praise vibes, only when positive.

We’re meant to be friends
and have this relationship last till the end.

We need to reframe our views on darkness
So that our biases don’t lead us to be heartless.

We can fully love all of who we are
Once we accept our shadow as a co-star.

Image Credit: Grace Turnbull

Thank you for sharing your journey with us; how can readers engage with you further?
Care is a vibrant artist, writer, space holder, energy worker, animal whisperer, and creative mentor. She’s been to the depths of her darkness several times and was surrounded by learned toxic patterns for parts of her life. However, she never let that take away her natural love of life or her bubbly, loving, compassionate higher self. Her journey guided her back to her roots as an artist and self-love witch. You can find her at Wildly Empathic, where she helps guide creative empaths as they remember their Whole self and inner magic and rise from Artist to Channel. As we Heal, Mother Earth Heals! Learn more about Care Roy and her poetic journey during her Exclusive Poet Interview with Radhaa’s Publishing House: 

You can connect with Care Roy on various platforms:

Instagram: @wildlyempathic
Facebook: @wildlyempathic
YouTube: @wildlyempathic
Linktree: @wildlyempathic
Insight Timer: @careroy

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