Captive In Exchange For The Freedom Of The Former President Of Brazil “Luis Inácio Lula Da Silva”.

Coming from a poor family, she could not be raised by her father and mother, she lived a short time with her mother who married in 2001, her biological mother was not Brazilian, she raised her only daughter in Brazil (Isabella Giacon Martins) She is alive, but today, since 2005 she was named (Jéssyka De Souza Fernandes) born on August 24, 1995. Natal, RN, Brazil.

Photo: Showing first time entering to Norway as “Jéssyka De Souza Fernandes” date 12.04, 2005 by the Norwegian tax authorities.

Before the victim was kidnapped by the criminal gang(s) of “Operation Car Wash” (LAVA-JATO) the girl is still captivity in Norway, Europe. “The Embassy of Brazil in Oslo” is one of the responsible for the crime, for keeping such information of the victim

all these years, being today a survivor of an  “organized crime against minors”, ever since the beginning of the year 2000s, keeping from the victim THREE (3) passports, triple nationality! But until today, there is no information about whether the passports shows Mexico, Argentina, Portugal or Spain. The girl speaks several languages, writes little French, even Spanish in addition to the other four languages! 

The girl, who today is a woman in her 30s, and the victim of a horrible organized planned crime for many years, informed to the authorities but not much is done to save her from this nightmare, with none freedom. 

Since it involves politics, and corruption, she is still a victim and is living everyday with no freedom or ligally human rights, frauds and many things have been used to hack her,  these are Norwegian workers, no wonder if its for the money and in exchange for the freedom, of the politic and criminals involved in the huge operation “car wash”  LAVA-JATO, many is in the area of judge and jury, lawyer(s), doctor’s, even policemen of corruption, it is too much but the truth has come out!

From when she was younger they even let her pass on airports (Schengen): “they seem to promise something in return, to let me pass with the women who trafficked me into Norway.”

After the public defense of Curitiba archived the victim’s case at the end of 2019, using the excuse of the “covid-19”, shortly before she told her story, involving that she was taken to political meetings in São Paulo and also in the state of Northeast in Brazil, shortly after they released the former president of Brazil, “Luis inacio lula da silva” while her case including finding her real documents & identity was left behind. 

The girl arrived in Curitiba in the night 22.09.2019 returning to Norway 19.06.2020. Horrible to think 20 years with no freedom and staying captive against a human’s own will in Norway while they participate quietly is sickning, with the 7 more years in brazil, completes in total 27 years, the victim always had her documents in the hands of thirds, and still does today many women’s are involved, and there was a lawyer involved in, some case of justice, “Silvanei da Silva”, who was the lawyer of at least one of the women’s that was at the house where the girl lived since she came to norway, being trafficked back and forth several times to many cities in norway, but she stayed most of the years in a HORRIBLE island called finnöy, (its an isolated island in the state of sandöy, möre og romsdal, Norway). 

The girl remember well that the couple went to Portugal in 2006, they also travelled together in 2001 without taking her, even though she begged to go, they always had excuses to not take the girl to Portugal and Spain, in total 3 times, neither the girl nor the supposed adoptive little boy (at the time) was taken to travel, instead, they stayed in a house of Brazilians, untill today Jéssyka (Jessica) remembers the name of the husband of that Brazilian woman where she stayed for a while very well (Malvin). 

Today what remains is a photo with the same clothing that the boy said to be her half brother was wearing, the photos were always sent by mailbox among the Brazilian prostitute women’s, some of them from “Fortaleza, Rio de Janeiro, Vitoria, natal, joão Pessoa, minas Gerais and even céara and paraíba”. 

The girl was taken against her will at an airport to Norway for the first time in (2003) the “Norwegian tax authorities” confirmed it was in (2001) she arrived, but till today they have show none proof to her about this. The photos that the women’s always took of the victim, Jéssyka, without them showing themself in the photos, was always sent to others in mailbox. 

With a deep cut on the top of her stomach, the norwegian police ignored the detailed e-mail about her case, but brasilia seems to understand more, they are informed, so is Interpol and the Portuguese police in Portugal. The girl receives the DNA test, high score with several states of South America, the highest being Chile and Peru, going up nearly to Mexico, found more or less a few familiar names, few known people that today are in their 30’s and 40’s. Many years has passed, most of them are living in Brazil, others in France, Italy, Spain and even Portugal.

Photo: (Mother “Rita de Cássia Martins”, 39 years old and her daughter, Isabella, alive and today named “Jéssyka De Souza Fernandes”, on the photo she was 2 years and 4 months old) 

“The mother Rita de Cássia always had this photo with her wherever she went, from Santarem in Portugal to the Northeast of Brazil, Natal, RN and the grandfather worked as a policeman, in a big place. The beloved mother always told her beloved little daughter Jéssyka (Isabella), that in the photo she was only 2 years old, and 4 months. She had never seen her mother again since she was arround 7 – 8 years old, she travelled a lot with “Air tap Portugal”, and went with her mother by bus to Santarem. She had a friend, blonde, young, who she also never saw again after one night at the beach in Porto, Portugal, “we had fun on the beach, before i entered a car with a woman. But it was night it was dark, seems to be “New Year’s Eve”, a lot of barbecues, many people. It would be impossible to be in Brazil because in brazil there would be robberies at that time, it has nothing to compare with Portugal when it comes to safety, cold wind, and there were never robberies around where i walked with my mother, not in Portugal or Spain.