Author of Pride and Prejudice

The mastermind behind Pride and Prejudice is Jane Austen who is one of the most celebrated authors in the world of literature. Her most famous work, Pride and Prejudice, has become a classic and is still broadly read and loved.

Born on December 16, 1775, Jane Austen was the seventh child of George Austen, a rector, and Cassandra Leigh Austen. Austen was the seventh of eight children, with six brothers and one sister.

Started writing at a young age and completed her first novel, Sense and Sensibility, in 1795, the novelist’s novel was published in 1811. However, her second novel, Pride and Prejudice, was published in 1813 and achieved an immediate success.

The author is known for her witty, satirical, and insightful novels that explore the lives of women in 18th century England. Mansfield Park , Emma, Northanger Abbey, and Persuasion are some of her other popular novels.

The talented writer, Jane Austen has given us some of the most beloved novels in English literature. Her writing style, which is characterized by wit, irony, and social commentary, has influenced countless authors and is influencing even now. Austen’s legacy lives on through her works, which has inspired umpteen writers and readers.