Author M.J. Jones Launches Black Star Eclipsed, A Mind-Bending Book that Stretches the Psyche beyond…

Talented American author, M.J. Jones, announces the release of Black Star Eclipsed, the second part of the Black Star Trilogy book series, continuing the captivating story of Mia Black.

In Black Star Eclipsed, a continuation of the Black Star story, M.J. Jones takes her fans and readers on an amazing journey as she illustrates the dynamism of power using an epic drama involving Mia’s family and their unique world. The book is available everywhere for readers across the globe.

“I wanted to create content about real people becoming heroes and using their power to uplift each other. What’s so special about the second book is that it focuses on the world that Mia lives in. In my universe, the first book laid the foundation for scientific evolution and now the second book focuses on the power dynamic between the Elite and the Poor.” – M.J. Jones.

Black Star Eclipsed is particularly unique, as M.J. Jones typifies contemporary issues across the globe, especially as it concerns diversity and power struggle, using love as the foundation of the undying spirit of humanity.  The series follows parents struggling to educate children to be leaders while staying true to the lore of comic books, psychological thrillers, and mysteries; all rolled up into an amazingly entertaining science fiction tale of hope. M.J. Jones unravels different narratives within a story, focusing on factors that move society forward.

Name: Author, M.J. Jones
Phone: 941-586-2070