Author Daisy Paige Interview

Daisy Paige was born in August of 1973 and lives in a very small Texas town. Although she has tried to move away many times, she always finds herself back in this little town. She has three adult children. Two daughters that live nearby and a son, the youngest, is in the Military. They have all made her a very proud parent. She resides with her husband, they have been happily married for twelve years and have a clever little toy rat-terrier, Snoopy. Socializing with friends and relatives is her favorite thing to do. She is a member of a local church where her uncle is the pastor. She likes to begin her days thanking the one who has shown her that he has been there for her in all her experiences and carried her through the most difficult ones, that being God our Father in Heaven above who has never left her alone. Even through her most challenging moments; being sexually, physically and emotionally abused from a young child to an adult. Then recently being diagnosed with a rare terminal disorder known as MSA or multiple system atrophy. Only 4 out of every 100k are diagnosed with it. She is donating 10% of the proceeds from the books to charity researching for a cure.

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