Author Christine Handy Interview

Christine Handy is a bestselling author, philanthropist, and inspiration to breast cancer patients throughout the world. Her story reaches the hearts of anyone needing hope, prayer, and a new perspective on life.

Christine Handy is a wife and mother living between Dallas, Texas and Miami, Florida. She has two amazing sons whose devotion through all her illnesses continues to humble and astound her. Christine’s family has been a rock, a comfort, and a blessing during hard times. In the immortal words of Princess Diana, “Family is the most important thing in the world.

At an early age, Christine had a talent for modeling and could be seen on campaigns for distinguished brands such as Guess, J. Crew, JCPenney, Pepsi, Target, and more. Her lifestyle took a hard turn at 35 when health issues arose and by 42, Christine was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer. With the support of her faith, family and friends, referred to as her “team of angels”, Christine won her battle and devoted her life to spreading hope, encouragement, and selflessness. Christine is the bestselling author of “Walk Beside Me”, a story of her struggle with self-image, devastating health issues, friendship, and trusting in God.

Christine travels the world to speak on her experiences with surviving breast cancer, enhancing her self esteem, social justice issues, and her traumatic story captured in her newest book, Walk Beside Me.

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