Acceptance – For a Happy Life!


All of us have goals to achieve. It can be to get into a nurturing relationship, get a better job, to get fit, to grow business or may be find meaning among the chaos of life these days. Setting resolutions, goals or dreams over these years, it seems that the hardest part is the battle within, with my own self.

It is not the outside world that destroys our momentum forward created by lack of time or lack of resources. It is just our own thinking which creates mental blocks & gets us stuck up! The inner conflict holding us back that results in loss of energy in pursuit of a life of prosperity & meaning. It is mainly the internal dialogues that often rest upon the shoulders of our inability to accept things the way they are. We want the world to conform to our notions & expectations and when it doesn’t, we have a tough time handling it.

We, ‘take a break’ from trying to lose weight, we ‘take a break’ from that relationship, we come up with excuses to not to pursue a new career or start a business. All this & many more excuses, which comes our way very often & we leave behind so many things which we don’t know could change our life.

So what if you don’t get what you want in life, if after all your efforts the results don’t turn out to be what you aspired for, if the consequences are not what you intended, its not a big deal! Unintended consequences are the life’s way of showing you the possibilities that we haven’t thought about. They are the God’s way of telling that there is a different plan for you… a plan that is much larger than we intended to be. God upsets your plans to execute His plans for you. That could happen to be a turning point in life.

The idea is, in order to pursue our goals we need to live our life to the fullest potential, we need to accept life on life’s terms & not our own. Instead of accepting yourself as you are & expecting the world to change, accept the world as it is & you start changing your approach towards the world.

Let life be beautiful because of the world!!!

Let life be beautiful in spite of the world!!!