Abstract Wall Art Paintings for Living Room

The best option for decorating your living room

Abstract art is the favorite choice of majority of the art lovers. Because of its enthralling pattern, composition and attractive elements of color, an abstract art painting can be very helpful in the creating an immediate mood for your living room. Socializing mainly occurs in a living room and the energy that abstract art radiates is something very splendid for the socialization. Abstract art implies movement due to its energetic patterns, therefore, it helps in setting a lively mood in the living room. Even if you are not an art lover, you can still feel the energy that the abstract art radiates. Abstract art for living room is the choice of most of the people because it attracts their guests too.

People who visit your home are likely to explore the uniqueness and meaning behind the abstract wall paintings in your living room and a positive impression of your personality will be created in front of your guests. In the 21st century, the love for art has increased manifold. People prefer abstract art because they enjoy ambiguity. Furthermore, people love to use their minds and what else is a better use of mind than to understand abstract wall art? Individuals who are sensation seekers, nature lovers and thinkers prefer abstract art over everything. Artists like Mondrian believed that their abstraction would represent a pictorial language that would be universal. The love for art in this century proves that Mondrian belief was right. Abstract paintings epresent human experience and nature in the form of evolutionary forces. Reality exists behind the deep abstract patterns of the abstract art painting.

Buying the abstract art paintings for your living room

People prefer to have their living rooms decorated with wall paintings rather than letting them die with the prosaic walls that are empty. Paintings can improve the environment of your living room and abstract art brings energy to the living room environment. You can make your living room better by selecting a few abstract art paintings for it. It is wise to think before you buy the paintings for your living room. Here are some of the things that you should keep in your mind before purchasing a painting :

1. Size of the walls of your living room
You should measure the size of your living room walls and buy wall art paintings accordingly. The size of the paintings should be enough to fit the space of the living room and the room does not look either too empty nor too full of the wall paintings. Therefore, it is important to keep the measurements of your living room walls with you before you go to buy a wall painting. 

2. Theme of your living room

From weddings to birthdays, theme plays an important role in deciding the radiance of the event. If your living room has furniture of light colors then you should not go to buy minimal art of Agnes Martin. The paintings must suit the design and the theme of your living room. If you still can not decide the better option then you should consult a friend or family member who can help you to decide the abstract art that goes with the theme of your living room. 

Placing the paintings in your Living Room 

After buying the abstract art paintings, you might become worried about where to place the painting so that your living room looks the best and radiates the energy for which you bought it. Here are some suggestions for the placement of abstract art paintings that you purchased for your living room.

  1. You can place the painting above your sofa’s head board for better view and visibility. Most of the wall paintings look incredible when placed  above the head board of Sofa. 
  2. If you have a fireplace in your living room, hang the painting above it. It will provide focal point to your living room. 
  3. If you have bought smaller-sized abstract art paintings then you can place them on the other side of your living room to give a lively and energetic room to your living room. 
  4. You do not need to fill all the walls of your room. If your living room is small then one to two large paintings are enough to kill the boredom. Always remember that the size of your living room plays an important role in the purchase of paintings! 

Abstract Art Paintings will shift your Perspective

Abstract art is used for room décor by people who want to get a relief by just sitting in their room. For artists, it is an escape and for the scientific community, it is a subject of interest. Abstract art creates an impact on the brain and thinking process of the individuals who tend to view it from different perspectives. Different studies have shown that the thinking of our brain increases manifold due to the abstract art and our ability to make decisions also changes. Reality dominates our minds most of the time and abstract art free our minds from that reality. You will be able to explore the undiscovered parts of your brain by viewing the abstract art presented in the paintings in your living room. Abstract art enables people to recognize different emotional and cognitive states that they were unaware of before!


Abstract art is liked and loved by everyone. People like to view abstract art as a challenge and then they try to understand it. The working of our minds is strengthened by viewing abstract art. Abstract art is one of the best methods to décor your living room. The paintings that represent abstract art are useful in complete eradication of boredom from your living room. Paintings rarely worn out so you do not have to worry about the expiration of the painting, you just have to invest in it for once. Abstract art catches the eyes of great people and to make them look better in your living room, you should keep the theme and size of your living room in your mind while purchasing the paintings from GalleryToday.com. Therefore, if you want to invest in art, then go for abstract art because the intelligence associated with it never dies!