A Way of Living: Ralph Lauren’s Stunning Book of Design and Style

Ralph Lauren, the iconic American fashion designer, has unveiled a new book that offers a glimpse into his everyday rituals and routines. “Ralph Lauren: A Way of Living” is an intimate look at Lauren’s life, from his own homes to his passion for collecting. The book also chronicles the evolution of his trailblazing lifestyle brand, launched in 1983 as a furnishings extension to his fashion empire.

Lauren’s love of interior design is evident throughout the book. He is not afraid to mix and match styles, from contemporary to American Country to the Southwest. “I don’t care if a thing is English, French, antique, or modern,” he writes. “It’s whatever appeals to my eye.”

Lauren believes that our homes are a reflection of who we are. “Our homes are a canvas for living,” he writes. “Whether we live in the city, the country, on a farm, at the beach, in a penthouse or cabin, each is home and tells our story.”

Lauren’s own story has unfolded at five extraordinary properties, each of which is featured in the book. In Manhattan, he and his wife, Ricky, retreat to the sculptural volumes of a prewar Fifth Avenue apartment. North of the city, they have transformed a historic Bedford estate into a timeless showcase for beloved antiques.

The couple’s Colorado ranch, christened Double RL after their initials, is their love letter to the American West. With timber lodges and barns set on 17,000 pristine acres, it is a true retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The Laurens also have two ultra-glamorous getaways in Jamaica: High Rock and White Orchid. Both houses are set on the grounds of the fabled Round Hill resort and offer stunning views of the Caribbean Sea.

At the tip of Long Island, the family’s Montauk getaway nods to Japan, Frank Lloyd Wright, and the sea. The house is a testament to Lauren’s love of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Despite the diversity of Lauren’s homes, there are common themes that emerge throughout the book. His deep love of nature is evident, as is his passion for collecting. Craftsmanship, integrity, heritage, and pride of place are also important to him.

“Ralph Lauren: A Way of Living” is a must-read for fans of the designer and anyone who appreciates beautiful homes and interiors. The book is a rich portrait of Lauren’s life and work, and it offers valuable insights into his unique style and vision.