A Look into ‘Notches on the Bedpost’ by Author Jenna Leigh

In her book, “Notches on the Bedpost,” author Jenna Leigh invites readers to embark on a heartfelt journey through the complexities of love, dating, heartache, and the search for the right partner.

Notches on the Bedpost will share stories of love, dating, heartache, and break up. They are stories everyone can relate to, and there is advice on how to get out of the dating circle and identify when you’re with the wrong person and how to find the right one. It is a mixture of stories that are honest, raw, heartfelt and funny.

Jenna Leigh, the author of “Notches on the Bedpost,” brings a unique perspective to the table. As a single mother of two and a working professional in the airline industry, she understands the challenges of balancing love, career, and parenthood. Currently residing in Arizona, Jenna’s own dating experiences serve as a backdrop for the insightful and empathetic advice she offers in her book.

To learn more about “Notches on the Bedpost” and to get your own copy, visit the book page on www.amazon.com or www.notchesonthebedpost.com