A gripping adventure journey into Sharad and Tiya’s multifaceted world

Right from the start of this book, I found myself hooked by the gripping introduction to Sharad, our main guy, and his world. The author did something smart by letting us get to know the narrator first before diving into the nitty-gritty details. It made me feel like I already knew Sharad on a personal level. The whole scene with Sharad planning to propose to Navya had me on the edge of my seat, setting the tone for the whole story. It was the kind of start that had me itching to turn the next page – exactly what you want from a killer opening.

Sharad, our lead character, isn’t just your run-of-the-mill guy. He’s a deep thinker, and you see him grow more confident as the story unfolds. The author nailed the portrayal of Sharad’s overthinking habits and the internal struggles he faces, like dealing with his thoughts about Tiya after the Facebook fiasco. It made him feel real, like someone you could totally relate to.

While Sharad takes the spotlight, Tiya isn’t just a sidekick. She’s a powerhouse character, a perfect match for our hero. Her unexpected past with her ex brought a whole new layer to the story, making her character even more relatable and complex.

The story’s pace was spot on, even with its time jumps. The way the author smoothly transitioned between different years and ages was seamless, thanks to clever narrator-breaks.

What I loved most was the casual, relatable tone of the writing. It had this perfect mix of humor and darkness that kept me hooked. The way the author tackled the topic of rejection, especially during that hilarious hike scene, was genius.

This tale delves into some grown-up stuff, but it’s not going to shock any adult readers. The dialogue felt natural, with each character having their own distinct voice. The banter between Sharad and his crew made him feel like one of us, and that chat with the taxi driver was a highlight.

The settings and descriptions were vivid and real, blending perfectly with the casual language and the narrator’s voice. From Australia to Indonesia to India, the various locations added a dash of charm and spice to the story.

Author Website: www.mukeshraobooks.com
Instagram Profile: @smukeshrao