A Greater Life Is In Your Hands

Raw and real, Get Your Greater is the true story of Mark Shepard losing his mother before the age of X in a horrific act of violence, getting assaulted while in foster care, suffering mistreatment from his family, and striving to survive while living on the streets with his young sons. He goes from grate to great, sometimes sleeping on a cold bed of metal bars, to eventually taking charge of his life to lead one filled with love and gratefulness.

Pulling himself up from the lowest of lows as a homeless teen and later as a grown man living on the streets of Washington, D.C., Mark escaped the unimaginable. He navigated a life filled with trauma, abandonment, sexual abuse, and physical cruelty, and shares personal and poignant accounts that will leave you completely speechless.

Get Your Greater reveals mercilessness that no child should ever have to feel—ordeals that no human should have to experience—but that Mark faced and ultimately overcame. Get Your Greater celebrates the movement of God through Mark’s life—a movement that was always steady but that would, at times, feel slow, and Mark encourages others to have faith and never give up—to be resilient, patient, and steadfast.

When you read Get Your Greater, you walk away knowing that no matter your personal trial or path in life, there is a reason for it all and a greater waiting for you. All that’s left to do is to go get it.

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