5 step guide to becoming a published author

There are no foolproof, how-to writing manuals out there that can magically transform you into the next successful writer. However, there are some things that you can do to hone your skills to become a published author. 

The 5-Step Plan to Writing Glory; Take A Look… 

First, make writing a daily habit. 

You must have heard this numerous times before, but it’s crucial. The best method to hone your writing skills and release your full creative potential is to make writing a regular part of your routine. Write original and genuine content. If you’re working in an organization, set aside 30 minutes a day to write. Doing so will help you write consistently. Know that consistency matters! 

Second, read as much as you can. 

Believe it or not, reading can enhance your writing skill tremendously. You should read the works of other great authors. Read anything, from novels to nonfiction to collections of short stories is recommended. 

Third, join the writer’s community or groups.

The internet is swamped with writer’s communities and groups. Try joining a group of writers who are at a similar stage in their careers. You can share your work with other writers. Moreover, you can also read and critique each other’s work. In addition, having a supportive network of peers will help you in your endeavor of becoming a novelist or author. Being a part of a writers’ group will help you get constructive feedback and reviews.

Fourth, take an online course.

There are numerous platforms running writing courses for budding authors. The best thing is that you can take these courses from the comfort of your place and time. Having a mentor will help you tremendously in your endeavor. They will provide you with valuable insights into the publishing industry, the pros and cons of self-publishing, and the ins and outs of crafting your first-ever novel. 

Fifth, focus on personal branding.

We are living in an era of branding and promotion. If you really want to succeed as a writer, you should focus on personal branding as a writer. You can have your own website where you can share your written material. You can even make an appearance on podcasts to increase exposure and build your fan base. Even WorldAuthors.org is a great platform to publish your work.