Author Diann Floyd Boehm Interview

Diann Floyd Boehm, a native of Tulsa, Oklahoma, embarked on a transformative journey that led her from the heartland to the vibrant landscapes of Texas. From a young age, she was immersed in a bustling household, surrounded by the company of her parents, two older brothers, and eventually three younger brothers. In this lively environment, boredom was a foreign concept, and the constant presence of her siblings brought endless joy and adventure to her days.

It was during her formative years that Diann discovered the captivating power of storytelling. Guided by a series of inspiring teachers, she found herself engrossed in the creation of collaborative tales. As her classmates and she weaved intricate narratives filled with unexpected twists and turns, the magic of storytelling unfolded before their eyes. This unique approach ignited a spark within Diann, fueling her passion for the written word and nurturing her imaginative prowess.

The fourth grade marked a pivotal moment in Diann’s journey, as she stepped into the limelight of her first talent show. Joined by a group of friends, she experienced the exhilaration of entertaining others and witnessing the sheer delight that radiated from their smiles. This transformative experience awakened a profound desire within Diann to explore the multifaceted world of storytelling, embracing every facet from acting and singing to the profound impact of carefully chosen words.

Armed with an unwavering dedication to education, Diann embarked on an academic path that would shape her future. She graduated from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Education. Building upon this foundation, Diann pursued further specialization and received a Kindergarten endorsement from the prestigious University of Texas at Austin. Life’s journey led her to cross paths with John, her husband and a diplomat, and together they embarked on a new chapter in the Philippines. Diann’s teaching career took flight at the American International School in Manila, where she guided young minds toward the magic of learning. Even upon returning to Texas with the arrival of their first child, Diann remained devoted to the classroom, instilling a love for storytelling among her students through cherished storytime sessions. As her own family grew to five, reading and storytelling became cherished components of their daily routine, fostering a new generation of storytellers. Today, Diann proudly witnesses the success and beauty of her three accomplished adult children and the joyful presence of her grandchild.

Life’s rich tapestry unraveled further as Diann and her husband embarked on a fourteen-year journey overseas, driven by John’s professional commitments. Despite the distance, Diann made it a point to return home at least twice a year, nurturing her connection with her beloved country. Living abroad allowed her to immerse herself in diverse cultures, fostering encounters with people from all walks of life. These invaluable experiences served as a wellspring of inspiration, enriching her understanding of the world and fueling her creative endeavors.

Throughout her travels, Diann collaborated with exceptional individuals and organizations dedicated to humanitarian causes across various nations. As she ventured into villages around the world, she observed the universal role of storytelling, serving as a bridge that nurtures understanding, compassion, and connection among communities.

Finally, the time came when Diann resolved to transform her own stories into written form. She put pen to paper with unwavering determination, and her destiny as a writer unfolded. Since then, her journey as an author has flourished, giving life to an ever-growing collection of literary works. At present, Diann boasts a repertoire of nine captivating children’s books, a young adult novel, and two short stories featured in the Christmas Anthology.

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